When it comes to overall health, one aspect that is often neglected or even regarded as less important is oral health. The reality is that improving oral health will have profound benefits on the entire body, not only the mouth. If you’re on the fence about teeth straightening treatments or are wondering how to straighten your teeth, be sure to keep overall health at the forefront of your decision-making.

Improved oral health

Yes, straightening your teeth has profound benefits on your overall health, but consider the improvement of oral health first. Straight teeth are easier to clean than crowded teeth. They’re easier to brush and floss, which means a reduced chance for a build-up of plaque, bacteria, or stuck food to cause decay over time.

Healthier teeth and gums mean preserving your teeth for longer. If you suffer at the other end of the spectrum with gapped teeth, you’re also prone to having food get stuck and promote teeth decay. These issues can progress into serious problems like gum disease, tooth loss, and more.

Reducing headaches

Did you know that your teeth may be the cause of that ever-persistent headache you’re experiencing? That’s because misalignment, specifically cases of malocclusion, can lead to gritting or grinding of the teeth, which will cause headaches over time. This is especially possible in extreme cases of TMJ pain that can lead to health ailments like tension in the head or neck. Unburdening your teeth from the stress that is caused by misalignment will help to reduce persistent pain.

Mental health benefits

It’s no secret that our appearance, or at least the way we feel about it, is deeply intertwined with our mental health. One physical aspect that heavily influences the way people perceive us and we perceive ourselves is our smile. With crooked, crowded teeth or an otherwise less-than-perfect smile, it may be difficult for you to feel good about your appearance. For a boost in self-appearance, consider working with an orthodontist to improve your oral health.

Easier digestion

Chewing has a direct correlation to our digestive health. With damaged teeth, it can be difficult to chew properly, which means worse digestion. Poor digestion can lead to several health ailments, such as the inability to absorb nutrients from your food. Without proper digestion, a person may develop deficiencies, have poor regulation, and suffer complex health ailments in the future.

Improved speech

The way your teeth are positioned can alter your speech pattern. If you have an open bite and your tongue cannot properly push against your teeth or the roof of your mouth to form letters, you may find it difficult to speak correctly. This issue is closely intertwined with the problem of confidence and self-esteem, but it’s an issue within itself. Improper speech may lead to problems down the line and require professional help to correct the negative speech patterns you’ve adopted.

The bottom line

Straightening your teeth has a number of benefits, not only exclusively related to the mouth. You may find benefits in the form of improved emotional and mental well-being as well as physical relief. Whether you’re sure a problem is caused by your oral health or if you’re completely unaware of the correlation, straightening teeth will improve your health overall.

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