Is Watching Movies a Hobby?

Every CV or resume you see nowadays, all have the hobby section, and as though this is a version that is the most copy-pasted data of all time, you see ‘movies’ or ‘watching movies’ in it, tucked away as they.

Best Hand-to-Hand Combat Movies: A Definitive List

From Jackie Chan to Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal to Chuck Norris, fighting and action movies have always been the centre of attraction for a large part of the population. Because there is nothing better to watch than a kickboxer or.

Movies Like Tucker & Dale vs Evil: The 10 Must-Watch Movies

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is one of those movies that starts out as goofy and campy, but ends up becoming a good movie to watch and rewatch it again. Shot on a low-budget and with a storyline whose central.

Movies Like Law Abiding Citizen: A List

With Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx, Law Abiding Citizen was a sure-fire hit even before it was Released to audiences. With a compelling storyline and phenomenal acting from both the leads, and the duality between the perceived notions about hero.

Movies Like 500 Days of Summer: A List

Belonging to the romantic-comedy-drama genre, 500 Days of Summer still remains one of the most highly-rated movies among its contemporaries, owing to its non-linear storyline and several other non-conventional story and plot elements that made this movie an instant hit.

Movies Like Hell or High Water – List Of Top 5

The genre neo-Western crime has got loads of good movies to offer. With actors like Clint Eastwood gracing the screen through projects on said genre, it has since grown to include many more artists, new directional debuts and storylines, among.

Movies similar to The Town: List of Best 10

The Town is a crime thriller movie, starring Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively. The movie follows the group as Boston bank robbers, who, for their final job, plan out a big score: robbing the.

Movies like Wrath of the Titans: The Definitive list

If you thought Greek mythology wasn’t murky and convoluted enough, here’s director Jonathan Liebesman with an ensemble cast including Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike and Ralph Fiennes to try and make it easy for you, then fail and just.

20+ Best Movies to Watch Alone

Be it due to some of the more raunchy scenes, or just because they invoke feelings that you want to experience alone (not that kind of feelings or emotions though), there are some of the best movies to watch alone;.

Is Southpaw Based on a True Story? Here is the Answer.

Southpaw is more commonly associated with boxers and with the 2015 movie. Although the popular definition of southpaw traces its usage back to boxing traditions, a more linguistic definition of southpaw would refer to a person being left-handed. That being.