Today, we have more choices to equip and furnish efficient, busy laboratories, than we had just a few years ago. However, if you are new to the lab furnishing business, and are looking for a rugged lab bench, stainless-steel furniture, or mobile tables and casework, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed with the choices available to you. Sometimes though, it pays to understand when not to use specific types of furnishing, more than it pays to know when to use them!

When Being on a Roll Isn’t Always Good!

Fixed, Modular, Adjustable, Specialty – so many choices! When considering your lab’s layout and furnishing requirements, one of your primary considerations is likely the mobility of the equipment and furnishing you plan on installing. No doubt, you’ve also likely considered the use of a rolling lab table. However, here’s what you should also understand about these pieces of essential lab furnishing.

Most lab layout consultants may not recommend rolling lab tables for situations where you need to keep your items stable, secure or stationary. Some examples are:

– Heavy-duty labs: If you work with heavy or bulky equipment or materials in a lab, you may need a sturdy and solid table that can support their weight and withstand their impact. A rolling table may not be strong enough or stable enough for this purpose, and it may tip over or break if you try to move it.

– Sensitive labs: If you work with delicate or hazardous equipment or materials in a lab, you may need a safe and reliable table that can protect them from damage or contamination. A rolling table may not be secure enough or isolated enough for this purpose, and it may expose your items to vibrations, shocks, spills or interference if you move it.

– Permanent labs: If you have a fixed or established layout for your lab, you may not need to change it often or at all. A rolling table may not be necessary or useful for this purpose, and it may take up more space or create more noise than a regular table.

As with decisions around selecting and installing a stainless steel lab table, the plethora of design, make, and model of rolling table choices add complexity to procurement decisions. However, the first step in that decision-making process is an understanding of whether mobility is critical to your application. 

Finding Your Niche

Choices can sometimes be overwhelming. But, if you decide that a rolling table is right for you, make sure to choose one that meets your specifications and expectations. Look for one that has the right size, weight capacity, material, design and features for your lab work. Also look for one that has high-quality lockable wheels or casters that can roll smoothly, quietly and safely on your lab floor.

Whether it’s a high-quality rolling lab table that you seek, a stainless-steel variety of table, or rugged, durable, laboratory benches you’re looking for – LEI Sales has something to fit your needs. First, look at the huge variety of laboratory furniture and equipment we have online. And then, if you still can’t find something in your niche, reach out to us and we’ll help you source a workable alternative – guaranteed!