Everyone has their own travel dreams, and making those dreams a reality is more achievable than ever—even in today’s economy. Applying for a travel credit card (which often come with rewards, benefits, and other perks) can get you one step closer to the vacation of a lifetime. Keep reading to learn how to find the perfect card to match your travel dreams and spending habits.

Understanding Travel Credit Cards

Before you apply for a credit card in Canada, take the time to read up on your card options and think about your preferences. Some cards come with an annual fee and may have income requirements to apply, and all cards come with interest rates. Research the different types of travel credit cards, and the different rewards programs, before choosing which card to apply for.

Some cards might offer travel points, miles, or cash back on travel related purchases. Flexible points programs offer rewards that can be used across a variety of locations, such as points or miles that can transfer to any airline program. Or there are airline specific credit cards that provide points and rewards for certain airlines. You can also find programs that offer travel statement credits, which can be applied to your credit card balance to cover qualified purchases.

Matching Your Card to Your Wanderlust

When choosing a card, ask yourself if you have specific airlines, hotels, or other businesses you prefer to fly or stay with and look for cards that are co-branded with those companies and their networks, such as Aeroplan. If you prefer flexibility, applying for a credit card with transferable rewards might be your best choice. These cards allow you to transfer points between various other points programs.

If you travel a lot, you might do better with a premium credit card that has an annual fee but offers higher rewards. If you are a casual traveller, it might be better for you to forgo a card with an annual fee and to focus on the rewards instead.

You can also determine which categories you tend to spend in the most and look for cards that give higher rewards in those categories. You know best what your spending habits, travel dreams, budget, and preferences are.

Considering Travel Perks

Look for a card that fits you and your lifestyle. Many cards have additional benefits such as access to airport lounges, fee waivers for checked bags, free inflight wi-fi, priority boarding, and travel insurance.

Focus on your spending habits, travel preferences, and financial situation. Research and compare different cards so you can find the best one to fit your needs. Deciding which benefits to prioritize and choosing which credit card to apply for strategically can help get you closer to the travel lifestyle of your dreams.