It’s going to be a rough summer for Washington drivers: The state has the highest gas prices in the country right now. The average price for a gallon of regular comes in at $4.93 as of July 20, compared to $3.58 for the national average.

Why Gas Is So Expensive In Washington State

Part of the reason gas prices have been driven up in Washington is due to new legislation. The state has a new carbon pricing system meant to reduce carbon emissions, which charges businesses for the gases they emit. But oil companies are passing those compliance costs onto customers, which has an impact on the price you see at the pump. Lawmakers are currently debating about whether this is a good move, as there are both environmental concerns and concerns about the price of gas being so high to consider. One thing is for sure – you may be feeling the pain each time you have to fill your tank.

Credit Card Rewards and Buying Gas

Leveraging credit card rewards for buying gas can be a good idea if you have a card that offers high cashback or rewards points specifically for fuel purchases. This can help you save money and earn valuable rewards on a regular expense. However, it’s not advisable if you carry a balance on your credit card and incur interest charges, as the interest could outweigh the rewards earned.

Let’s say that you feel confident about paying your balance in full each month to make the most of credit card rewards. There’s only one problem – your credit score is not so great right now. Applying for a good card is not impossible. The best gas credit cards for bad credit still reward you for your purchases, including gas, regardless of the number on your credit report. You just have to do a little research

Tips for Making the Most of Your Card

Look for credit cards that offer high cashback or rewards points specifically for fuel purchases. Some cards may have rotating categories that include gas stations, so keep an eye on those opportunities. Additionally, consider using mobile apps or websites that compare gas prices in your area to find the best deals and maximize savings.

Avoid interest charges at all costs by keeping track of your spending and not loading your credit card with more than you can afford. And hey, if you live in Washington and happen to be on a road trip outside of your state, you may want to take advantage and fill your tank before coming home.


Bottom Line

Washington state has the highest prices in the country right now due to new policies aimed at fighting climate change. Regardless of your stance on how issues like reducing carbon emissions should be approached, you can make the most of credit card rewards when purchasing gas to minimize the impact on your bank account.

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