Whether you’re looking for flexible work or a side hustle to increase your income, becoming a food delivery driver can help. Food delivery partners typically pick up orders from restaurants and other stores and deliver them to a customer’s house. Generally, all you need is your driver’s license, a reliable vehicle, and as little as a few extra hours per week, and you can sign up to see if you’re approved.

Job hunting is easy too, just type “delivery jobs near me“ into your search engine and you’ll have your pick of great delivery options. Still curious about food delivery? Here are some of the benefits of becoming a food delivery driver.

Flexible work

One of the key reasons food delivery is such a popular gig is it offers more flexibility than most full-time jobs. Delivery partners can choose their own hours and pick the area they want to work in. You don’t have to follow a strict schedule of work hours and can work as many or as few hours as you want. Delivering food offers convenience that few other jobs can match, since delivery partners can still pursue other endeavors alongside their delivery hours. For instance, college students can easily balance deliveries with schoolwork.

Inclusive eligibility criteria

It may be hard to get a job without previous work experience, but it can also be tough to gain experience without a job. Fortunately, unlike many other jobs, you don’t need to meet a long list of requirements to be eligible to deliver food. Typically, all you need is to be 18 or older, have a valid driver’s license, and a car. You don’t need previous experience and can pretty much sign up and start work as soon as you’re approved. You may also pick up transferable skills like communication and time management.

Earn tips and bonuses

Most food ordering apps offer their delivery partners a payment per delivery, but partners generally keep 100% of the tips they earn from customers as well. Some of the best delivery apps to work for may offer bonuses or other opportunities to earn more by turning the process into a game, like earning extra if you reach a certain delivery goal in a set amount of time.

Skip the desk job

Some delivery partners may be people who tried traditional 9-to-5 desk jobs and didn’t like them. Becoming a food delivery partner allows you to experience various environments. You get to explore a wide variety of local restaurants, and you’ll also learn a lot more about your city or town. For people who long for more active work that offers changing scenery, becoming a food delivery partner may just be the perfect fit.

Be your own boss

One unexpected perk of delivery partner work is that you don’t have a boss in the traditional sense. Delivery partners are typically independent contractors. While they do need to offer their customers good service, they can skip a lot of the fluff involved in more traditional full-time work. No submitting performance reviews or quarterly reports, and fewer administrative tasks. You’re 100% responsible for your work and professional outcomes as a delivery driver. Self-starters and people who prefer to work individually without supervision may love this option.

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