Healthcare, Pensions, and Big Data Expert Joins Intensity as Managing Director

Intensity continues to expand the leadership team with the addition of Dr. Stan Panis. Dr. Panis brings over 20 years of expertise in healthcare, pensions, employment, big data, and damage calculations to the firm. San Diego, CA – Intensity, LLC,.

Innovative Microsoft Cloud Solutions Specialist Open Door Rolls Out New Website

ALBERTA, CANADA – Open Door Technology announces the launch of their new digital home As the company evolves to offer an extended breadth of business technology solutions and services to the North American market, Open Door saw the opportunity.

Daniel Schnapp Discusses Federal Antitrust Law as a Potential Defense to Copyright Infringement Claims

Daniel Schnapp, a litigator who works on intellectual property matters, discusses fair use and antitrust practices as a possible defense against copyright infringement lawsuits. Daniel Schnapp noted the use of fair use and antitrust laws in a recent court case..

Terry Selb Discusses Why Tax Consultation With American Tax Solutions is Important in 2021 and Beyond

Terry Selb and American Tax Solutions work hard every day to create the kind of long-term help that their customers need to avoid serious financial troubles. For example, they created a robust business consultation process that helps handle all of.

The Top Three Things to do in Islamorada According to Cory R. Cole, of Brielle

As an avid scuba diver, snorkeler, and surfer, Cory R. Cole, of Brielle, frequently visits the Florida Keys and the nearby Islamorada in Florida. The Islamorada or the “Village of Islands” is a tourism-oriented community located in the Florida Keys..

How Michael Kane Boral Uses His Merger and Acquisition Experience

Michael Kane Boral is a former CEO and executive with an almost unparalleled level of success in his field. Over the years, he has used his experience and success to stay on top of the field in ways that his.

Brother Ink Cartridges: Grow With The Very Best

Any office facility will be incomplete until it fully incorporates the system within itself. And one of the most basic yet most important structure is that of communication. The flow of information from one end of the chain to the.

Nursing Home Owner Akash Brahmbhatt Explains How Pet Therapy Can Benefit Senior Citizens

Akash Brahmbhatt Explains The Importance Of Welcoming Furry Friends Into Senior Care Centers When asked about typical nursing home activities, many people think of playing bingo, knitting, and listening to music from times past. Today, nursing home owner Akash Brahmbhatt.

Justin Alpert Hawaii Discusses His Top Tips for Getting Into Gaming

Interactive gaming expert Justin Alpert Hawaii recently discussed his top tips for getting into gaming. Gaming has seen a major resurgence due to the COVID-19. People around the world have been spending drastically more time indoors at home in efforts.

Follow the EXTREME to Vuuzle.TV! Watch HERE VIDEO about surfing, diving, and other sports for FREE

Measured life, gray office life cause hot flashes of monotony? And this stream of monotony and everyday life is dispelled by an extreme with a good dose of adrenaline. Extreme sports include skydiving, bike stunts, monster truck rides, etc., and diving. It.
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