There are many facial options, but microcurrent facials are more popular- and there’s a good reason for that! Microcurrent facial treatments are known to improve facial contour. Several celebrities have stuck with microcurrent facial treatments because they are a proven and effective go-to solution.

However, you can’t just decide to do a microcurrent facial without knowing exactly what to expect. This article will highlight the benefits and results you can expect from a microcurrent facial.

Benefits Of Microcurrent Facial

Below are some of the ways a microcurrent facial benefits your face:

– Enhances facial contour

While the skin isn’t directly connected to some muscles in your body, facial muscles are directly attached. This makes it inevitable for the skin to sag as the muscles get weaker. With a microcurrent facial, your skin produces more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), facilitating muscle movements.

As your skin’s ATP levels increase, your facial muscles get re-energized. As a result, your muscles are more toned, just like your body gets when you work out at the gym. The muscles become firmer and facial skin also gets tighter. 

This is what causes a better facial contour and decreased skin sagging. A microcurrent facial treatment, with a device like AMREETA, gives you a more defined jawline.

– Reduction of wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines can’t be avoided once you cross a certain age threshold. According to researches, your skin’s collagen content reduces every year. Since the facial muscles weaken as you age, the skin automatically gets looser too. That’s where microcurrent facials come in.

By increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), microcurrent treatments enhance collagen and elastin synthesis. What this means is that it helps your skin make up for the loss of natural collagen. Microcurrent technology is proven to improve collagen thickness and elastin production in the skin.

Microcurrent facial treatments reduce fine lines and wrinkles by helping the skin produce more collagen and elastin.

– Painless treatment

A microcurrent treatment is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, unlike fillers and other facial options. This means no needle would be prodding your skin.

During a microcurrent facial treatment, you would only feel a tingling sensation. This sensation is calming, making the whole process smooth and easy.

However, the fact that a microcurrent facial does not cause pain doesn’t make it any less efficient. 

– Improves blood circulation

Microcurrent facial treatments improve the circulation of blood to the face to enhance muscle tone. This also brings about an improved oxygen supply that contributes to a radiant complexion.

It also reduces facial puffiness, making the face more sculpted.

What Results Do You Get After a Microcurrent Facial?

The results you get after doing your microcurrent include a better-sculpted face, tighter facial skin, and decreased fine lines and wrinkles.

You can expect to see differences after a single treatment- that’s why they refer to microcurrent facials as the ‘5-minute face lift.’ 

It is worth noting that microcurrent conductive gel for the face, like GLOW ROSE, helps you get the best out of your treatment. A conductive gel for microcurrent should be applied before your treatment to allow the device to glide properly.


Now that you’ve understood how a microcurrent facial treatment works, start your treatment at home to get these benefits. Check our store to get microcurrent devices now!