WILLIAMSPORT, PA, June 28, 2023 — Since the company was founded in 2016, Legal InSites has helped law firms and lawyers around the U.S. share their unique stories with potential clients through high-end website development, search engine optimization, and social media/content management services. In 2020, the founders of Legal InSites founded GAVL Video, a sister company that created cinematic videos for law firms. Today, the founders of both companies are proud to announce that Legal InSites and GAVL Video are entering into a joint venture and marketing agreement as one entity called GAVL.

The founders—Ryan Raplee, Tad Thomas, and Mike Campbell—decided to combine the efforts of the two companies in order to better help its clients and potential clients. As both companies have grown over the years and acquired amazing talent, they have been able to increase their service offerings and discover new ways to deliver those packages that meet the needs of attorneys. Law firms and solo practitioners will now be able to have more choices between the digital marketing, web development, and video creation services that are offered.

One of the new types of services that will be available to clients is called a Rapid Launch package, available to small and solo law firms who have a smaller SEO budget, but still need a fully managed website and content and social media management. Rapid Launch packages are intended to be affordable by every lawyer and are ideal for attorneys who are just getting started or who happen to live in less populated areas.

In conjunction with the announcement of the joint venture and rebranding, GAVL has launched a brand new website. On the new site, visitors can find information on the industry events staff members will be attending, information on the services offered, website and video portfolios, and more.

Ryan Raplee, Co-Founder and CEO of GAVL, has this to say regarding the new launch:

“We are excited about the joint venture of Legal InSites and GAVL Video and have been for some time now. Cinematic quality video is no longer an afterthought for many law firms. It’s rapidly become an integral part of the full marketing picture. With a great website and SEO, we help prospective clients find you. With cinematic quality video that’s also engaging and tells a story, it greatly increases your chances of converting those leads into clients.”

Tad Thomas, Co-Founder, has this to add:

“My passion has been helping other lawyers whether it be through legal education, providing trustworthy and reliable marketing services, or software to make trying cases easier. I’m pleased that two successful projects are now working together as one to provide those same services to firms across the country.”

GAVL’s goal is to provide high-quality, reliable web development, search engine optimization, social media management, and cinematic video creation services to the legal community. Their team is committed to helping lawyers and law firms craft their unique stories, share them with the world, and show them who’s listening. To learn more about GAVL and its team, please visit the firm’s website at https://www.gavlmarketing.com/.

Media Contact:
Jason Sweet
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