Firm Prospects, a leading provider of law firm analytics and market intelligence for the legal industry, has announced a major expansion of its flagship platform. With this expansion, Firm Prospects is positioning itself as the “Doximity for lawyers” by offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features to help attorneys connect, network, and advance their careers. 

“Firm Prospects has always been about providing objective and actionable data to the legal industry,” said Adam Oliver, Co-Founder of Firm Prospects and a former practicing attorney. “We are now taking that mission to the next level by offering a platform that is not only a powerful tool for legal employers and search firms but also a comprehensive networking and career advancement platform for individual attorneys, too.”

With the new attorney access feature, attorneys will have access to a range of tools and resources designed to help them manage their careers and expand their network, including:

-Real-time updates about lateral moves and promotions within their network.

-The ability to connect directly with any of the hundreds of employers who rely on Firm Prospects for their hiring needs, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, law firms of all sizes and search firms.

-Access to the largest database of attorney-only job listings from law firms, corporations and government agencies.

-Law firm analytics to allow them to make better informed career decisions.

“We believe that Firm Prospects offers a unique opportunity for legal professionals to take control of their careers and find new opportunities,” said George O’Connell, Co-Founder of Firm Prospects. “We are excited to see the impact that this expansion will have on the legal industry, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and provide new solutions to meet the evolving needs of legal professionals.”

To help attorneys get started quickly, Firm Prospects pre-populates its national directory with practice information gathered over nearly a decade from state bar websites, law firm profiles and other publicly available resources.  Firm Prospects then applies its proprietary AI and ML technologies to categorize attorneys into various sub-specialties and find connections between attorneys, allowing them to have a fully-populated network immediately upon creating an account. 

Attorneys can create free accounts on Firm Prospects by visiting our website at If you are a legal employer interested in learning more about Firm Prospects, please visit our Engage platform at



Firm Prospects is a market-leading law firm intelligence platform built by former practicing attorneys. In addition to a comprehensive and accurately categorized attorney database, Firm Prospects offers detailed analytics about individual law firms and market intelligence backed by proprietary artificial intelligence and predictive modeling to provide actionable data to its users.

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