Some seemingly ordinary items play profound roles in your child’s development in their formative years – much more than you could have imagined. We will acquaint you with three underlying benefits of educational toys and games for your kids and why you should be more intentional about them. Dig in!

1. It Encourages Creativity

In a world where creativity opens doors and fosters success in different walks of life, there is no better way to lay the groundwork for creativity (and, in turn, success) in your kid’s formative years than with educational games. Games like crafting, cutting, painting, and modeling, while seemingly ordinary and even messy, effectively nurture these traits in your kid. Your kid’s creative prowess develops with every session as they become increasingly invested in these games. With time, they eventually become adults adept at thinking outside the box and solving problems. They are set up to thrive in society.

2. It Develops Motor Coordination

Our motor functions aren’t set in stone from birth. They develop with continuous exposure and the maturation of our body systems – especially the nervous system. Educational toys and games could fast-track and greatly aid the process in kids. From the wide array of toys and games on the market, some like thread beading, and others that are craft-themed, model-themed, or even centered on drawing could effectively develop fine hand movements. Kids that habitually play with these end up having hand dexterity superior to their peers and perhaps even for their average ages. Some other games help develop other muscle groups, which come in handy as they age.

3. It Promotes Social and Communication Skills

Some educational toys and games are designed to foster team spirit and cooperativeness among kids, particularly if they require multiple hands to pull them off. When kids try their hands on these toys and games alongside their parents or friends at home or in outdoor child programs like our preschool in Silver Spring, MD, it improves their social skills. They hold conversations, accommodate other people’s outlooks on things, and infuse them into theirs to reach their goals. These are skills that come in handy in society when they age. Despite its apparent cons of reducing face-to-face interactions, it’s noteworthy that digitalization also has its uses in this respect. Some digital toys and games help kids connect with others on online platforms.


A significant upside of educational toys and games is that many have relatable, simplistic themes and can be undertaken in different settings. From your home to the park, and even in their school, your kid can delve into the wonders of these toys and games with little or no restrictions. However, some of them may require adult supervision. 

Our preschool in Silver Spring, MD offers proper, expert supervision and all-around development of your kid, even in their parent’s absence. If you belong to the busy demographic, reach out to us at our Silver Spring, MD preschool, to kickstart this journey for your child today. Your kid will be in safe hands!