Courus uses AI, machine learning and proprietary behavioral science to drive better engagement with e-learning courses

SAN DIEGO, CA, APRIL 17, 2023 — Courus has cracked the code, offering creators of e-learning courses a dynamic new platform that uses AI, machine learning and proprietary behavioral science to transform the e-learning landscape for creators and learners alike.

As the online learning market approaches $1 trillion, Courus is helping creators learn what to build, how to structure that content for e-learning completion and when to optimize it for reduced friction and drop-offs. Courus’ proprietary models help creators to build courses that achieve completion rates of up to 65%.

“The education industry continues to evolve, and investment in online courses is growing at an almost exponential rate. Yet the industry has failed to tackle its biggest problem: low completion rates,” says Scott Duffy, Courus founder and chief executive officer. “Courus’ AI, machine learning and behavioral science solves this problem and helps creators achieve better outcomes.”

In 2022, more than $300 billion was spent on e-learning courses. Research shows that the average completion rate for e-learning courses is just 3.1%.

In an e-learning landscape where every metric is tracked, measured, and published, no one wants to talk about completion rates, Duffy says. Although numerous metrics signal the effectiveness of a course, completion is directly tied to learning outcomes.

The market for online courses is expected to hit $1 trillion by 2028, driven by the need for a more cost-effective, flexible alternative to traditional educational models. The e-Learning space has grown 900% since 2000, with experts projecting that corporate e-learning alone will skyrocket 250% within the next three years. That makes optimized e-learning experiences more critical than ever, Duffy says.

Courus’ clients include corporations looking to boost recruitment, retention, customer engagement and brand loyalty, digital-savvy academic institutions, and skills-based trainers. To help these creators build courses that deliver more ROI and engagement, Courus leverages automated tools based on proprietary behavioral science and AI. These tools include:

  • An audience insight engine that helps creators understand who their learners are and what they really want to learn, before investing a single dollar into building a program.
  • A course builder that identifies the precise structure that will boost completion and engagement rates by up to 17X.
  • A real-time performance analyzer that uses behavioral science to identify friction and drop-off points, and optimize content, accordingly.
  • A generative AI tool that rewrites scripts, edits content and implements suggestions to quickly update underperforming content.

“The tools that we are rolling out at Courus have been over a decade in the making,” says Joe DeMaria, Courus’ co-founder and chief learning officer. “When learners don’t complete a program, they don’t experience a transformation. We have spent years testing and optimizing the e-learning experience with the singular goal of completion in mind,” DeMaria says. “Lowering the barrier to completion for e-learning programs will allow learners to achieve life changing transformations that might have otherwise gone unrealized.”

Jed Savage, co-founder and chief monetization officer, adds, “The Courus team is obsessively focused on creating better outcomes for our partners, many of which see real ROI for the first time thanks to the Courus platform.”

The first-to-market startup is led by seasoned veterans with multiple exits. Duffy, whose previous technology company was acquired by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, has served in leadership roles at, NBC Internet & CBS Sportsline. The Courus executive team also includes leaders that have built businesses for companies including Microsoft, eBay, Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Ventures, and has advised PayPal, UC System, & Daymond John.

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About Courus

Courus is a completion company. Its AI, machine learning and proprietary behavioral science create a path to completing any task, while eliminating friction points along the way. The company’s first market is e-learning.