If you work in a public service job, you may be eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), a program could help make your federal student loans more manageable. Through the PSLF program, you could have your remaining student loan debt forgiven after ten years of qualifying payments. While the program is often associated with jobs in the most common public service arenas—such as healthcare, social services, law enforcement, and environmental organizations—you might be surprised by what jobs qualify for public service loan forgiveness. Here are seven examples of careers and gigs that could make you eligible:

  1. Call center representatives: Many nonprofit organizations operate hotlines or phone-based fundraising and donation efforts to coordinate resources and request contributions. Operators at call centers for 501(c)(3) nonprofit companies or public service organizations are often eligible for PSLF.
  2. Maintenance workers and janitors: PSLF is not limited to office jobs. Some nonprofit organizations, such as museums, universities, and government centers, have grounds and gardens, and nearly all have facilities to maintain. Those employed by these organizations in groundskeeping, landscaping, and janitorial roles, among others—such as cafeteria workers—may be eligible for PSLF.
  3. Scientists and researchers: Many government offices, universities, or research hubs are nonprofit companies that employ professionals to conduct studies, compile research, and publish information in their fields. As such, applying for PSLF may help these individuals in repaying their higher education loans.
  4. Translators: Courtrooms, hospitals, and social service agencies all need translators to keep things running smoothly for the people they help; if these organizations are public service or nonprofit companies, their employees can qualify for PSLF.
  5. Librarians: Librarians who work in public schools or libraries are considered public service employees and could also be eligible to receive assistance for their higher education costs through loan forgiveness.
  6. Postal workers: As federal government employees, full-time postal workers may qualify for PSLF.
  7. Animal rescuers and therapists: Wildlife conservationists, animal shelter and rescue organization employees, and those who work in animal therapy, such as equine therapy, may all be eligible for PSLF if employed by a nonprofit or government entity.

Qualifying for PSLF may be more widespread than you think. You can work directly with those in need, in your field of expertise, or in a traditional office setting like any other business. The bottom line is that PSLF is more about who you employer is and less about your job type. Almost any job—accountants, graphic designers, administrative assistants—could qualify for PSLF so long as that job is at a nonprofit, government, or public service organization. If you plan to enroll in PSLF or are considering changing jobs while you’re enrolled, make sure to understand the qualifications necessary for your employer so that you can take advantage of this important federal loan forgiveness program

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