How your child takes care of his oral hygiene when he is younger will have a lot to do with how he will take care of it when he is older. As parents, you should help them make a routine for themselves. Most parents do not take proper care of their child’s oral hygiene and this may cause them to have diseases in the future. Periodontitis or gum disease is very commonly seen in people nowadays. This could be prevented if proper care is given to oral hygiene like Dentitox Pro at an early stage. 

So let us see what steps you need to take care of for good oral hygiene. 

1. Brushing:

Brushing is an integral part of your child’s oral health. You should make them brush at least twice a day. To make it a more fun habit you can make them select their own brush, the color, design, etc. which will make them more interested in brushing their teeth. Use a small amount of dab or toothpaste only. While buying a toothpaste make sure you buy one without fluorides in it. You can help your kids brush till they’re old enough to handle one by themselves. While brushing, make sure that you teach them to brush their tongue as well. This will reduce the number of bacteria that cause oral problems. 

2. Diet:

Diet is an important step towards oral hygiene. What you eat will definitely contribute to your oral hygiene. It is said that chocolate is good for gum diseases but if the same chocolate is consumed too much it can cause tooth decay. Let your kid have what they want, but only give them the quantity that is needed. Too much sugary food can cause cavities and then it won’t be a good route from thereon. Sugar turns into an acid which causes the tooth to decay. Even if you give them anything sugary make sure to clean their mouths properly and also brush. Make your kids have leafy vegetables and foods loaded with good fibres and calcium. This will help them have stronger teeth and a healthier lifestyle at a very small age.

3. Flossing:

Flossing is another important step toward healthy teeth. This is not a necessary step but a bonus to the whole process. You should make your kid floss at least once a day. Flossing habits when done from childhood will become a habit as they get older. Flossing can be an integral part of their life as they get older. Flossing helps removes plaque between the teeth and gums that a brush wouldn’t be successful at.

4. Dentist:

Taking your kid to a dentist is very important. A regular checkup will help to decrease the chances of any infection. Prevention is always better than cure. If your child is facing any pain or infection in their gum then do not wait for it to go by itself. This will only worsen the situation. Take them to the dentist as soon as possible because if treated correctly with the right medication then further damage can be averted.

5. Oil pulling:

Oil pulling is a great way to get rid of bacterial build-up in the mouth.  This is not recommended for children below the age of

6. Now,  How do you do oil pulling?

You take a teaspoon of oil in your mouth and then swish and swirl it around and between your teeth. Do this for 2-3 minutes daily. This will help get rid of bacterial infections, protect gums, make teeth whiter. 

Now, making kids do all these steps every day can be a bit of a hassle. Most of them won’t even do it because it is not something that interests them. so start slow, get them to do one thing.  Brushing their teeth would be a good start. Make them interested in doing it. And then slowly work your way up. Make them follow it, and once it is a habit, they won’t be able to sleep without doing it. According to dentitox pro reviews by Deyproject. This will benefit them when they grow up. Do try these steps, and I hope this helps!