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Technology today has gone far, especially to video platforms. But somehow, streaming quality and load times are still terrible. Every user has a computer with extra bandwidth to spare, especially when the machine is not in use. And now, Vuuzle partners can generate money by putting that bandwidth into use, thanks to the VUCO token.

The first week of the month of May 2021 marks the soft launching of the VUCO website! As visitors go through the website, viewers will help themselves to familiarize themselves with the venture. The website mainly talks about what is VUCO, and its main features.

The Basics

What is VUCO?

VUCO, which means, “Vuuzle coins” will be available on several marketplaces where a new breed of investors is gobbling up shares in company’s all over the world through tokenization backed up by bitcoin or Ethereum. It can be exchanged on a “1 for 1 basis,” meaning one share of Vuuzle is equal to one “VUCO” security token.

How It Works

Tokenization is the process of representing your Vuuzle shares on digital infrastructure. Vuuzle Media Corp will pledge all of its assets Currently being held in “Rak ICC offshore. Vuuzle Media Corp Sweden are creating security tokens under the legal jurisdiction of Singapore that can be exchanged on a, “1 for 1 basis,” meaning 1 share of Vuuzle is equal to one “VUCO” security token. Each shareholder will have the right to exchange their shares for security tokens which are backed by Crypto Currency.


Video Streaming Market Challenges

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) play a crucial role in the whole video streaming ecosystem. It offers the backbone infrastructure to deliver the video streams to end viewers.

One major limitation of today’s CDN networks is the so-called “last-mile” delivery problem. Generally, CDN providers build data centers called Point-of-Presence (POPs) across locations around the world, while expecting that these POPs are geographically close to the viewers. However, the number of POPs is limited which is not near enough to the majority of viewers, especially in less developed regions. This “last-mile” link usually serves as the bottleneck of today’s streaming delivery pipeline and often leads to a less optimal user experience including choppy streams, bad picture quality, and frequent rebuffering.

Concerning streaming sites and content platforms, one major concern also is the CDN bandwidth cost. For some popular sites, the CDN bandwidth total cost can easily reach tens of millions of dollars per year. Even if platforms own proprietary CDNs, maintenance costs are mostly high.

Our Solution

Vuuzle Media Corp aims to pioneer the first decentralized video streaming. What we need in order to achieve this goal is to create a token with a value that is inherent to the network we are using for streaming content. We call this token, VUCO.

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What’s up?

VUCO was originally designed in the last quarter of 2020, carefully conceptualized by the same team that has put life to Vuuzle.TV, a free video streaming platform. Vuuzle TV pioneered a customized 2-way OTT streaming platform and social feed developed with end-users in mind.

As of now, Vuuzle TV has more or less 19 channels streaming live, and among these is its very own New Formula Channel. New Formula Channel streams Vuuzle’s Originals such as Hot Topics with Ronnie, Angie TV, and The Portal, written and produced to cater to the latest trends and needs of video consumers. With a lot of potential of the platform, Vuuzle TV now acts as a magnet to investors, considering its growth in the number of clicks and subscribed users. Aside from Vuuzle TV, the company also ventured into different platforms such as VUMU Music, Dubai Shopping Channel, Vuuzle Studios, Clout 9, and more in the future.

With the growth exponentially increasing, partners who invest in the platform may worry about the confidentiality, and security of their partnership with us. Taking into account the global pandemic, problems, and challenges arising from the market and partners, the company has now to offer its digital solution. Now, video streaming quality and load time are improved through partners who can invest any time, anywhere, without the worry of confidentiality of transactions, thanks to VUCO.

Watch out for more announcements with this online video platform breakthrough. There’s more to expect this 2021!

The website is currently available to selected users. You may check it through this link: https://vucocoin.com/#

For more information, don’t hesitate to reach to us!

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Written by Francesca Jade Hernandez | Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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