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With the current digital and globalized world, companies are caught under strong pressure in business optimization. As a result, businesses try to explore digital solutions in order to create new revenue streams and efficiently optimize existing legacy systems with the strong support of emerging technologies.


Although some businesses and existing systems recognize available digital solutions, a few require a more profound understanding of the basic innovation itself and the suggestions related to them.

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited doesn’t let the game out of its hand. Amidst its flourishing success, the company doubled the goal and encouraged each team member to strive more to create breakthroughs.

The company readies to launch its newest venture: Cryptocaptradesa cryptocurrency trading platform.

Cryptocaptrades Overview

Vuuzle Media Corp Limited sets into motion a whole blockchain ecology that you can explore in one application, the Cryptocaptrades.

By using Cryptocaptrades, most kinds of cryptocurrency available in the market are now one tap away. Through this innovative app, you are now able to store, send, buy or also sell existing cryptocurrencies. Cryptocaptrades is also a carrier for diverse third-party DAPPs.

The platform promises lightning trading speed. You can complete an order within 3 seconds – the same trading speed as a centralized trading system. Also, you can achieve a double leap in performance and security with the advanced consensus mechanism of our Blockchain.

Cryptocaptrades will soon be available in Google Play and App Store.

Stay tuned for more huge announcements!

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