Many athletes and fitness lovers follow rigorous dieting regimens to help them get, and stay, in shape. Others rely on supplements to help get them through an intense competition, or to help them stick with their training plan. These are personal health choices that sports professionals and health buffs make – and they contribute to overall performance improvement. But if you believe that pills, powders, and proteins alone are the way to up your game, you need to talk to a personal trainer in Rockville about Applied behavior analysis, or ABA.

Building the Absolute Best Athlete!

Have you ever started using an exercise machine – say, a treadmill – on specific settings and, over time, tweaked or re-calibrated those settings to what’s just right for you? Most of us health and fitness lovers have been there, done that. While pills, powders, and proteins are a key component of a well-balanced fitness program, they’re ineffective if we have those settings wrong. It’s just a waste of time and energy – unless we get the basics (the settings) right!

And that’s the underlying principle of Applied behavior analysis: Athletes, sports enthusiasts and fitness lovers work with an experienced personal trainer in Rockville MD to:

– Identify specific deficits 

– Improve fundamental skills 

– Eliminate identified deficits

– Continuously enhance overall development

While this might seem like a commonsense approach to building strength, stamina, and fitness, ABA is unique in that it uses data analytics to identify shortcomings and determine corrective actions. Personal trainers, with lots of experience, intuition, and gut-sense, then use those data points to develop personalized training and coaching plans for each athlete. 

Beyond Diet and Exercise

You’ll find some great personal trainers in Rockville, who are experienced, dedicated, and skilled at what they do. To improve game-readiness, veteran trainers typically use personal observations and gut-instincts to coach their athletes. These trainers typically focus on the fundamentals – diet and exercise. The difference between a personal trainer in Rockville, who uses the ABA approach, however, and one who does not, is the scope and effectiveness of their fitness programs. 

While most coaches and trainers in the latter camp lay great stress only on diet and exercise, ABA goes beyond those two building blocks. Using data analytics, ABA incorporates a scientifically proven approach that uses a well-balanced blend of sports training, strength and conditioning, fitness, behavior nutrition/health coaching, and mindfulness training to take your game to the next level.   

Team ABA is the world’s leading Behavior Analytic Sports, Health, & Fitness training organization, that specializes in using ABA to enhance athletic performance and fitness. Using data analytics, and the principles of behavior analysis, we identify and target deficiencies that hold your performance back. 

The objective behind our unique performance improvement program is to use experimental control to determine specific variables that are holding you back – be that poise, posture, technique, or stance.  Then, together, working with your Team ABA personal trainer in Rockville MD, we’ll develop a personalized training and physical fitness regimen that’s just right for you.  Our training approach ensures that, by addressing what holds you back, and targeting those deficiencies, you’ll significantly up your game.