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How Universities and Governments in Canada Are Proving Culture Measurement Tools Are Broken

Boost Innovation (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), is a technology and training company that helps businesses, post-secondary institutions, and sport teams improve culture using data, technology, and unique training.

Calgary— Tuesday.Dec.28th.2021As a professional tech company that specializes in culture measurement, data, and training, we have noticed something.

That something is that both the government and universities, like Laurentian University,  use electronic survey data to track and improve the culture of their organizations based on the responses of those in it. The question we have now is…

“How are those surveys working for you now?”

See, the challenge is that there are organizations around the world operating off of these similar response-based surveys in order to improve engagement, culture, and performance but yet there are so many situations where the same organizations fail.

Remember Enron? They didn’t do so great, but they also used a lot of question/answer data in order to build their culture.

The challenge is that, in our opinion, there are a couple of key things that are driving organizational culture towards failure:

1. Flawed data collection tools (ex. electronic surveys, supervisor interviews, etc)

2. Organizations that are unable/unwilling to adapt to modern culture measurement.

Don’t get us wrong, we understand that adaptation, vulnerability, authenticity, belonging, and true growth mindset are challenging to adopt on large scale, but it is time to accept one thing.

If you rely on electronic survey data, it is actually more likely that you will not capture the culture information that you need due to complacency.

When it comes to electronic survey data, we have seen organizations rely on it to make multi-million dollar decisions to terrible end. At this time, there are university presidents, CEO’s, politicians, and many more relying on this information, but it is flat out flawed based on evidence available at this time.

The solutions lie in innovators, the growth oriented, and mavericks.

When we look at new ways to collect organizational culture data, we look at a whole new spectrum of opportunity.

This article was published in order to create change in how you connect culture and performance. If you don’t see it, that’s okay, but if you want to change how everyone in your organization performs…this is the wake up call you need.

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