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OCTOBER 9, 2020 WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA.   Trulife Distribution, Brian Gould, Rodica Lesan and Adam Mortley face a Verified Amended Complaint supported by Affidavits alleging claims for Civil Racketeering, Conspiracy and Tortious Interference.

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Adam Mortley

The target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>lawsuit alleges: “from April 2018 through March 2019, Defendant Brian began to isolate at work, he began taking business phone calls away from his desk purportedly related to business leads which procured no sales.  However, in reality, Defendant Brian was taking sales calls which began to divert business to his other businesses that he was operating with Defendant Rodica which were directly competing with Plaintiff NPI. Additionally, during this time, Defendants Brian and Rodica began a monumental calculated effort to clone all of Plaintiff NPI’s documents, such as contracts, marketing proposals, website content and “case studies” in order to build out their platforms which would give an unsuspecting reader the impression that their businesses had the resources, relationships, contacts experience and expertise to provide the promised services.

The Amended Complaint further alleges: “In their scheme, Defendants Brian and Rodica deceived their victims into believing they are industry experts doing exactly what Plaintiff NPI does, but in  reality, their collective expertise and “experience” is a farce and essentially all of the accolades they tout on their business websites, business proposals and contracts were stolen from Plaintiff.”  As one of Defendant Brian and Rodica’s former Trulife business associate states [in his Affidavit]:

At the end of April 2019, Brian Gould (“Brian”) contacted me about working for TruLife Distribution, Inc. (“Trulife”) to join him as Senior Vice President of Sales.

Brian Gould Headshot
Brian Gould

While I have a background in sales for finance as well as medical supplies, my primary skill set and background is in service and hospitality management. Back in April 2019, I had zero background in Retail sales and/or distribution, but Brian assured me not to worry that “these clients are convinced by the image.”

I didn’t understand what “convinced by image” meant when Brian said that to me originally, but I came to find out exactly what he meant.  What Brian was talking about was misleading, deceiving, falsely advertising and generally mischaracterizing myself, other Trulife staff and Trulife as a whole to be something it was not so that he could bring in clients from around the United States and internationally.

Brian had me pitching potential clients with a sales script that involved telling these people we would guarantee placement in upcoming planogram reviews and that we had “inside knowledge” as well as “direct relationships with all buyers from major, mid-level and small cap retailers both brick and mortar as well as digital.  Most of everything Trulife presented as to its accolades, experience and relationships was a bold-faced lie.”

The Amended Complaint also alleges: “Moreover, Defendant Trulife’s website contains testimonials which appear to give Defendant Brian credit for work performed, however, some of the purported testimonials have been demanded to be taken down because the individuals quoted never made the statement.”

This is a Notice to Witnesses seeking information as to the allegations and claims in this case.  The quotes above are directly from the allegations in the lawsuit or other court filings and there has been no determination as to such alleged claims as the date of this Notice.

If you have any information as to the allegations in the Complaint, or if you are a witness as to the reputation of Trulife Distribution, Brian Gould or Rodica Lesan, please contact us at info@farrowlawfirm.com.  All communications remain confidential.

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