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SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA.   Trulife Distribution, Brian Gould and Rodica Lesan face a lawsuit alleging claims for Civil Racketeering, Conspiracy, Tortious Interference and Violations of Florida’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

Brian Gould Headshot
Brian Gould

The lawsuit alleges: “This is a case about Defendant Brian’s choice to steal from his family’s business to provide the lavish lifestyle of exotic cars, lavish travel and expensive homes that Defendant Rodica, his fiancé and now wife, demanded. In late 2017, Defendant Brian was given an ultimatum to either enter a scheme to steal everything that wasn’t tied down from Plaintiff NPI, or Defendant Rodica would leave him. Defendant Brian is only beginning to understand that the choice to steal from his family’s business was only the first of many choices to defraud he would make to fill his and Defendant Rodica’s need for “more.”

The lawsuit further states: “After making the decision to steal customers, trade secrets, proprietary systems, contracts, labels, marketing materials and client lists from Plaintiff NPI, Defendants Brian, Rodica and others engaged further in a criminal scheme to defraud international investors, distributors, customers and clients by using Plaintiff NPI’s trade secrets.  In their scheme, Defendants Brian and Rodica con their victims into believing they are industry experts doing exactly what Plaintiff NPI does, but in  reality, their collective expertise and “experience” is a farce and essentially all of the accolades they tout on their business websites, business proposals and contracts were stolen from Plaintiff.  In essence, Defendant Brian and Rodica are the proverbial “emperors with no clothes” making misrepresentation after misrepresentation to customers and potential customers around the world in their quest to line their own pockets, drive expensive cars and live in their new homes in Boca Raton and Brickell, Miami. Defendants Brian and Rodica even go as far to defraud their own employees who they pay little or no money to, on the promise that “it’s coming” to further their endeavors to live the life of the rich and famous.”

Rodica Lesan Headshot
Rodica Lesan

The Complaint goes on to allege: “Defendant Trulife’s website is littered with factual inaccuracies and misrepresentations as to its “experience” and “expertise” as the accolades it touts are actually business accolades of Plaintiff NPI. Moreover, Defendant Trulife’s website contains testimonials which appear to give Defendant Brian credit for work performed, however, some of the purported testimonials have been demanded to be taken down because the individuals quoted never made the statement.”

The lawsuit further alleges: ” The individual RICO Defendants Brian and Rodica, and others associated in fact, such as NSI, Nutrasales, Trulife and other subsidiary companies, constitute an “Enterprise” (hereinafter the “Association in Fact Enterprise”) acted at the direction of Brian and Rodica, which functioned for the purpose of defrauding the Plaintiff, and others, including investors, employees, customers, distributors and end-users.  Each RICO Defendant conducted the affairs of the Legal Entity Enterprise Association in Fact or acted at the direction of Brian and Rodica in the conduct of the affairs of the Enterprise.”

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