Scuba expert Thom Wells suggests a lesser-known destination in the Caribbean

Tucson, Arizona – August 26, 2020 – World traveler Thom Wells has recommended the Turks and Caicos as a desirable place to vacation. His tour company Journey of Discovery recently featured the tropical archipelago’s attractions and resorts on its blog. Wells appreciates the islands’ diving opportunities as well as their luxurious lodging options.



This Caribbean territory consists of 40 islands near the Bahamas and Dominican Republic. Thirty-two have no permanent residents, helping them appeal to travelers who prefer to avoid crowds. In the populated areas, local restaurants serve lobster and other fresh seafood. Visitors also find lengthy hiking trails and idyllic beaches with white sand. Popular activities include swimming, boating, fishing, paddleboarding and snorkeling.

Thom Wells takes a special interest in scuba diving. He started to dive more than five decades ago and eventually became a PADI Master Trainer. Wells recognizes the Turks and Caicos as an appealing scuba destination because divers can see fascinating coral reefs and wildlife without traveling far from shore. Various aquatic creatures migrate through the archipelago during January, February and March. They range from turtles to whales and dolphins.



When they’re not enjoying the water, many vacationers dine and relax at the islands’ high-end resorts. Journey of Discovery’s website recently highlighted two of these establishments. Travelers can find the Meridian Club on a private island near Providenciales. It features a vast beach, long trails and luxurious cottages. The club accommodates fewer than 30 guests at a time, so reservations must be made well in advance.

The Turks and Caicos also offer a new Ritz-Carlton resort located in Providenciales. It boasts multiple swimming pools, restaurants and views of the sea. Activities range from gambling to beach yoga. The Ritz-Carlton has almost 150 standard rooms as well as penthouse suites with private pools. It hosts conferences, weddings and other large events. The resort’s design aims to reflect the local culture and environment as much as possible.



Thom Wells‘ Journey of Discovery helps travelers plan vacations to the Turks and Caicos among other destinations. It offers all-inclusive options that provide lodging, dining and activities for a single flat price. Visitors can reach the archipelago by boat or air. Airlines schedule frequent flights to the British territory from major cities like London and New York.


About Thom Wells

Wells has worked as a guide, developer, construction manager and diving instructor. He currently serves as Journey of Discovery’s operating director. The expedition leader has visited a wide range of countries, such as New Guinea, Canada, Russia and Greenland. In addition to diving, Thom Wells enjoys fly fishing and dogsledding. He strongly believes in the importance of traveling sustainably.


Thom Wells Encourages Vacationers to Visit the Turks and Caicos Islands