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  • With a compelling message the universal epistle of the small businesses will be signed
  • The event will be comprised of 16 conferences, 12 seminars, workshops, exhibit halls, a gala venue, and the final celebration will consist of the tour “Discover Bogota”
  • More than 100 chambers of commerce are expected from 44 countries in the world

Bogota, Colombia. October 5, 2021. The U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce jointly with over 100 participating business organizations, NGOs, international agencies, and top corporate executives, governments, as well as CEOs of high profile technological firms from all over—will partake in a global debate on the role of small businesses. Thus, the fast-approaching and gigantic new economic order coupled with the challenges faced by chambers of commerce ignited the launching of the Summit the Chambers of the World Summit that Will take place at the fabulous Hotel Bogota Plaza in the capital of Colombia located at Street 100 and  18 carreras. This event is by invitation only. Is not open to the public. For more information: www.expocamaras.com

The gathering will encompass themes of great impact upon organizations and such ranging from international funds to the new administrative management models of chambers of commerce; also the mergers and the modern designs for economic development. The Summit represents the broadest meeting of businesses celebrated up to this date. The participants will address the economic effects of the pandemic and other challenges faced by rural, urban, and developed communities; including those brought about by the vulnerability of millions of small enterprises

“This continuous chain of events from our organization in the capital of Colombia is mirroring the United States in its reinforcement friendly ties with Latin America”, expressed by the President and Founder of the USMCC, Doug MayorgaWith hundreds of chambers of commerce across the region experiencing barriers to achieving their full potential, the U.S.MCC  works with dozens of partners of committed economic development sector leaders to help their organizations more positively impact their communities. During this time of challenges, the main goal for our Summit is to be strong, excellent, distinct, and influential has never been greater. Together we can do more”

Among the overarching questions to be addressed during this World Summit of the Chambers of Commerce it is important to delineate the followings:

The way to fully promote the productive business ventures in the present context; the handling of innovations within organizations within the confines of models in the world order; how to identify members and clients requesting assistance and special attention; how to include poverty eradication within the fundamental goals of the recovery process; the means of promoting collaboration among international communities to help achieve the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 in its support to the chambers of commerce.

The mission of the premier Chambers of the World Summit Bogota 2021, as an important fact is the declaration of the universal manifest of small businesses will outline the requests to economic blocs that drive the finances and innovative transformational assistance. Such in business communities among other themes structured in the work agenda.

About the USMCC: Founded in Miami on September 1st, 2000 it was settled as an institution of economic development of its members, clients, and associates. The pillars of its services are bilateral commerce- unique Windows- international cooperation of philanthropic donors, of financing through public-private investments; relocating programs into the U.S. of regional businesses, business education programs involving commercial English learning among other resources and programs. The USMCC has 8 offices in the US and regionally there are 34,000 members and strategic partners; as well as more than 4 million buyers from the minority sector. For more information go to: www.minoritychamber.net

To fill this info and plan interviews via the means of communication, you can get in touch with the department of communication of the USMCC through email: director@minoritychamber.net.

You can get information on the coverage of the event via the email  director.regional@minoritychamber.net. The event Will be seen around the world via pay per view.

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