If you own an outdoor coal boiler, or use other coal-fired means to heat your premises, then you’re likely taking note of all the headlines in the media. Every home or business in the USA will soon be burning natural gas or using electric furnaces – right? Coal is a thing of the past, correct? In the not-too-distant future, coal supply will drop to a trickle, making it more difficult to come by – right? Wrong! There’s more to coal and coal-fired boilers and heating systems than meets the eye. Read on to uncover the facts.

Trust in the Facts – Not the Hype

According to statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), coal is still king, and is likely to retain its crown for a while yet. It still represents a healthy 10% of the USA’s nearly 93-quadrillion (that’s 1×1015) BTU energy consumption pie. That’s 9.3-trillion (that’s 1×1012) BTU, and replacing that slice in the near future will take some major doing!


So, why would you put stock in a governmental agency, and not in what private-sector analysts and media outlets say? Because that’s the EIA’s mandate. The Agency: 

“…is the statistical agency of the Department of Energy.  It provides policy-independent data, forecasts, and analyses to promote sound policy making, efficient markets, and public understanding regarding energy, and its interaction with the economy and the environment.”

Private-sector agents, on the other hand, typically have a vested interest, while the EIA does not! In fact, the Federal government has modelled some of its coal-heating laws based on PA’s laws, where there’s an abundance of coal. Now, if that’s not a resounding endorsement for the outdoor coal boiler, then what is? 

Making the Right Boiler Choice

If you are a wood heat-lover, then you’ll love the outdoor coal burning boiler too. That’s because this unique heating system does double-duty! Once installed, you may use the best of both worlds: This outside coal boiler burns coal very efficiently. But it also handles wood – and does an excellent job doing so, too. And that’s thanks to the forced air induction blower that fans oxygen in from the bottom, and blows it up through the heating grates. It’s the same principle as a blacksmith’s forge – except more powerful and much more energy-efficient.

Admittedly though, while some consider getting wood ready to burn is a welcome exercise, other home and business owners are “work averse”, and may think it’s an avoidable chore – especially when it comes to sourcing your own wood from free lands.  By the time you cut it, stack it indoors or outside, allow it to season, move it to an accessible location, and then load it into the boiler when you need to, you may find you’re out of breath! 

Regardless of whether you love wood burning furnaces and boilers, or prefer the convenience of an outdoor coal boiler, you now have a choice. This gives you even more flexibility when deciding to heat your home, business, office, or warehouse.