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The eFUL EFN, CORPORATION is a multi-faceted business organization with interests in Real Estate, Retail and Hospitality, Solar and Wind Energy, Plans and Construction, and Investment Division. eFUEL EFN CORPORATION is poised to make substantial profits for corporate investors in these areas in the coming years. The remainder of this summary will outline how these gains will be made and how a modest influx of capital will propel the corporation to make these gains at a faster pace_

The eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION in the initial operations phase. The company Has existed as a Florida Corporation since September 24, 1997, so basic organization and the corporate charter are in place and EFLN has been operating profitable business over the last seven years by new management. With this basic organization in place and functioning, it is time for the company to move toward realizing its true potential for growth and profit. This potential will be realized with the help of investment funding.

The eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION uniqueness is its scope of business. Many businesses address one or two of these industries, but EFLN and its associates are able to work in the fields of five divisions by having each area managed by a specialist under the guidance of the corporate umbrella. From this position Management is the unifying force that makes EFLN a single hub with many strong and diversified spokes.

The company management analyzing business conditions and opportunities, it was deemed that corporation was the best way to proceed with obtaining assets and increase balance sheet, income statement by selling and buying products. This activity building stronger financial foundation for business success and grow investor base.

The corporation issued Preferred and common shares. It is noted that EFLN is registered with OTC Market as public traded company under symbol “EFLN”. The company has shared to in place with private investors in future.

The eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION is seeking a capital infusion of $160,000,000. ( one hundred sixty million U.S. Dollars) to put operation in high gear. The funds will primarily be spent to enlarge the Corporation’s ability to participate in the $ 160 million development projects known as “Cherokee Trading Malls”. The following paragraph in this section shows the tentative allocation of this capital among the company’s Divisions. Management of eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION will have final say over actual allocations

and funds will be kept in general Treasury until actual need is demonstrated by the companies hired for developing four projects. The presently company has $519,142,047.93 million in assets, and some funds for projects with latter of approval on $35,000,000_00 (with stipulation) from lender on share price for remaining needed funds.

Real Estate Division: The eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION approach to Real Estate focuses on buying commercial properties that are well researched to yield a strong return on investment through subsequent rental to businesses. Most commercial real estate companies in the area act as middlemen for the actual owner, that in turn drives up the cost of the rentals they offer. If the EFLN is both the owner and renter of its properties, rents can be kept lower to attract business renters, yet profits remain high, because no one else takes a piece of the pie. This department has mission to manage real estate assets, and to purchase additional commercial real estate that can be purchased through our company portfolio. Management of this department is looking into assets that have positive cash flow, and that can be purchase with company’s Preferred shares, cash money or other property exchange. Those purchased commercial real estate will provide a greater rental income for the Corporation.

Plans and Construction Division: This division we making plans for commercial structural development of projects: Cherokee Trading Malls with Hotel, is in State of Florida, Crisp Mall with Hotel, in the state of Georgia, Cherokee Trading Mall in State of Indiana, Cherokee Trading Mall in State of Ohio, and Riverside Assisted Living Facility in the state of Ohio. Residential sites with potential to build a 160 units condominium project in the state of Florida. All these projects are planned and to complete construction it will cost over $160,000,000.00.

Solar and Wind Division: This division has undertaken the develop of financial investments to harness clean energy by utilizing our existing land and facilities. We believe that clean, and efficient forms of energy will be on demand in the not too distant future. We will be looking to develop facility to provide a cleaner and more efficient form of energy through already existing land ownership. The corporation will be looking to harness wind, and solar energies. Investing of harnessing wind, and solar energy from our sun_ We should in return develop a good return for investment, and increase company profit.

Retail an Hospitality Division: The company has retail store the sells citrus fruit and produce. Also, unique gift shop which sales Native Indian Artifacts and Collectables, Florida souvenirs, unique marmalades and jellies, citrus candies and unique product specific for a region Also, company has purchased and soled 120 room Hotel Marion and there are future plans to purchase additional hotels and expand operation into the Hospitality business.

Investment Division: This division in future will operate as cost analysis for products that eFUEL EFN CORPORATION my purchase or sell. The finance department will have certify accountants, as financial manager and administrator he or she will operate financial department as financial consultant, who is tread that will financially strengthen EFLN in the growth years ahead, and who will have long term investments funds to manage, and to have ability to abstract gains and have skills to manage the funds on daily operation of the Corporation.

The main responsibility will be to maintain the structure of the company shares of stocks….. Organizational integration allows EFLN to structure the executive salaries at moderate levels. All Division heads will receive reasonable salaries annually_ The Finance Division has a diversified investment portfolio in equity and debt instruments. The Department will offer investment and business consultation and plans are underway to form a regional loan company to aid small businesses. Chamber of Commerce statistics state that 80% of all businesses have fewer than ten employees. This gives EFLN a large clientele base for the Finance Division and Investment.

The eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION is seeking a capital infusion of $160,000,000.00 ( one hundred sixty million U.S.D.) to put operations for one project Cherokee Trading Mall in high gear. The funds will primarily be spent to enlarge the Corporation’s ability to participate in the $160 million project which will provide a greater Hospitality, rental, and investment income for the Corporation.

Because the eFUEL EFN CORPORATION is debt free, we expect to turn a profit in the first year of completed project in its operation. In the Real Estate Division we again expect to show profit within the year. The ability to purchase more commercial properties for cash will give the Corporation a strong negotiating tool when purchasing the properties and the incumbent rents will not be lost to debt service.

The eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION is seeking debt funding for four commercial projects in the amount of $160 million. The Corporation is offering its Real Estate holdings as collateral for this debt. We are anxious to negotiate an appropriate rate of interest that will yield an ample return to you. Corporation will implement the plans outlined in this document in order to generate the profits that will be the source of repayment.

The broad foundation is designed the eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION upon, gives the Corporation stability and diversity. This fact and the huge profit potential give EFLN an edge over competitors and will be one of the Corporations largest profit centers. Real Estate in the State of Florida is a very, very stable investment. The Corporation’s portfolio will appreciate in value and as they do, a monthly income (rent check) coming to the Corporation to increase short term profit. With start-up businesses and the proposed business loan company will help local and regional businesses serve the 700 new residents who come to Florida daily.

Strategy, diversity, innovation and quality management gives the eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION the ability to make profit. Investment funding will allow the Corporation to make great profit. This overview was prepared to demonstrate the potential the eFUEL EFN, CORPORATION has in internationa and in the regional finance and real estate markets. We invite you to examine EFLN’s complete Business Plan, featuring full financial projections for the Corporation.

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EFUEL EFN, CORPORATION Email: efuelefn@yahoo.com 1212 South Main Street Phone: (352) 399-6278 / (352) 254-0237 Wildwood, Florida 34785 Website: https://www.efuelefn.com

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Contact Information:

Email: efuelefn@yahoo.com
1212 South Main Street
Phone: (352) 399-6278 / (352) 254-0237
Wildwood, Florida 34785
Website: https://www.efuelefn.com