If you are looking to join a fitness, nutrition or boxing classes in Rockville MD, then we’ve got a word of advice for you: Don’t just join any gym. Consider a training program that applies modern data-driven scientific approaches to analyze behavior during workouts or even your eating habits. Then, chart out a corrective course of action to make informed decisions for performance improvements.  

Most people who aspire to reach their fitness and wellness goals don’t just want a place to work out regularly. You can do that in your basement or at a nearby community center. You need someone to coach, encourage, mentor and guide you through your routines. But, most of all, you need a proven, data-driven methodology that not only identifies gaps in your workouts and diet, but also recommends targeted corrective action to address those deficiencies using a behavior analytic approach from Board Certified Behavior Analysts who are certified personal trainers, nutrition and health coaches. Only professionally-staffed personal training in Rockville MD can accomplish that for you.  

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) 101

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses specific behavioral principles to methodically modify behavioral outcomes. ABA is about analyzing behavior, identifying corrective needs, and then applying scientific procedures, methods and strategies to address performance gaps. So, how does ABA work?

– The Application: Unlike other centers of personal training in Rockville MD, that encourage cookie-cutter routines, ABA applies intervention specifically to targeted behaviors deemed socially significant. These are behaviors of immediate importance requiring deficit modification

– The Behavior: Not every stance, poise, shuffle or jab of a boxer or athlete requires modification. ABA interventions only target behavior requiring improvement. And precise measurements determine those behaviors to identify appropriate intervention strategies

– The Analytics: While some personal trainers and boxing coaches use “intuition” to determine performance improving strategies, ABA-based interventions take it to the next level. Informed intuition means data analysis demonstrates a clear functional link between specific behavior and the benefit of using proposed interventions  

There’s no secret recipe or overnight pill to achieving success with ABA. However, every intervention uses a transparent, gradual and data-informed approach to accomplish its objectives. ABA-based boxing classes in Rockville MD identify and define each intervention precisely, so athletes appreciate what’s involved in their road to performance improvement. The targeted interventions are then implemented, so they deliver their desired outcomes across various settings over time.   

Make Your Move Now

TeamABA is the world’s largest behavior scientific Sports, Health, and Fitness training organization that uses a fusion of physical fitness, mental acuity and data science to implement personalized performance improvement strategies in athletes and fitness-minded individuals and groups. We’ve taken personal training in Rockville MD to a whole new level. With our data-driven, behavior analytics approach, we ensure our athletes and members excel in their achievements. Regardless of which sport you love. If you’re looking to up your game, then you need a personalized data-based training regimen to help you be your best. 

Our TeamABA LLC professional boxing classes in Rockville MD will use data, generated throughout your training sessions, to highlight what you’re doing wrong, and how to remedy those deficiencies. You’ll also discover what you excel at, so you can continue improving and strengthening those skills.