(Eden Prairie, Minnesota) Whether you are trying to get a new set of nails, a haircut, or just a hair coloring, beauty salons are supposed to offer both men and women an opportunity to relax. However, did you know that beauty salons are one of the most common places for personal injuries to occur?

Kira Costal was going in for a routine coloring to JUUT Salon when she noticed her head start to feel hot after the stylist applied the product and put on the foils.  Soon her head felt it was on fire, and she felt excruciating pain. Her stylist rushed her to the sink to rinse the product out, but it was too late.

Within minutes of the product being applied, Costal suffered scalp burns and permanent hair loss. When Costal got home, it got worse.  The burned parts of her scalp began to blister, with puss was coming out of the infected areas.  She was seen by skin doctors, and eventually had to undergo surgery to repair the burn damage to her scalp and head.

Scalp burns and hair loss can happen at salons due to improperly applied products or inexperienced application by the hairstylist, including leaving the products on for too long.

Other common beauty salon injuries include:

  • Misuse of hair product
  • Scalp burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Bacterial infections
  • Hair loss
  • Pedicure Infections

Costal required plastic surgery to attempt to cover up the bald spots and scalp burns. The procedure was successful, but did not fully repair the damage, and she was left with permanent hair loss and scarring on her head.  After attempting to resolve the matter with the salon, Costal file suit in Minnesota State District Court on August 30, 2021 against Juut Midwest, Inc., doing business as Juut SalonSpa, claiming that the salon breached their contract with Costal, and negligently prepared and applied hair product on her.

Costal is represented by Randall Knutson of the Knutson + Casey Law Firm, with offices located in the cities of Mankato, Madelia and Edina, in Minnesota.

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