Seed & Stone is opening a new cannabis retail store in Downtown Victoria, BC. The store will be opening this upcoming Friday, October 15th at 616 Fort St, Victoria, BC. Over the past year, Seed & Stone has marked their presence as a BC born Cannabis Boutique by establishing their first Victoria store location at 901 Gordon Street, followed by a second store at 1502 Admirals Road which is in collaboration with the Songhees Nation, co-owned by the Songhees and owner-operator Vikram Sachdeva. Seed & Stone entered the cannabis retail market with great success from opening their first store in Chilliwack back in February 2020. The new store has a prime downtown location near the University of Victoria, making it easily accessible to students of age, tourists, and regular island residents. The ambiance and feel of the store will be unique and different than anything seen before in other stores. This store will provide fresh and exclusive features including a bud bar where the customers can meet the budtenders and learn about products that are offered at the store, in addition to showcasing local craft growers in BC. This retail store will follow the company’s core values of focusing on providing the best cannabis retail experience and forming long term relationships with customers, paired with providing top-quality cannabis products to all users where they can embrace their journey within themselves through cannabis use. “Seed and Stone is all about embracing natural elements and encouraging people to explore the journey within” said Sachdeva. With more locations on the way including White Rock, Delta, and Victoria, Seed & Stone is making their footprint as a prominent cannabis boutique in BC. Their growth will support their continuation of promoting awareness & education of cannabis products, and eliminating the stigmas attached to it by building a safe community for all cannabis enthusiasts. Contact: General Inquiries