In the U.S., they say everything is BIG in Texas. Well, when it came to 80’s fashion, everything was, in fact, BIG! The decade isn’t known as the era of excesses for nothing. From big hairdos, high waists and loud colours, to big patterns and overly-padded shoulders. Big was what 80s fashion was all about. However, even though it’s been 4-decades ago, 80s nostalgia still lingers on. Luckily, diehard vintage fashion fans can now get all the fashion they love at a thrift store online. And, if you’re one of those “touch and feel” retro buff, you can easily get your fill at a local bricks-and-mortar vintage store too.

Big Movies, Music and Vintage 80s Fashion

If you were around in the 80s, you probably remember Olivia Newton John’s rendition of “Physical”. That was definitely a BIG 1981 hit, and it inspired a nation of health and fitness devotees to don on body-fitting lycra suits for their workouts.  

And speaking of BIG and Baggy, how about Demi Moore’s 1984 baggy cropped parachute trousers and trendy converse as a member of the Bratt Pack. Vintage lovers can even today be seen jogging around the park or taking a casual walk down the street sporting that look. It was big back then and, thanks to specialised online vintage stores, it’s in vogue even today.

And not to out-do them all, pop music and show-Bizz icon Madonna inspired a music-movie-fashion revolution that’s even popular today. From fingerless gloves to rara skirts, and from statement T’s (tee-shirts!) to fishnet black leggings – the name (Madonna) and the brand were so big, that Madonna-wanna-be’s flocked to imitate her, especially mimicking her outfits from Like a Virgin, the 1985 hit movie Desperately Susan, and a legion of MTV hit videos.  

Gone…But Not Forgotten

80s fashion may very well be from a bygone era, but it’s by no means forgotten. Specialist sellers of vintage clothing in the UK offer an excellent opportunity for retro and vintage clothing aficionados to indulge their passions.  In fact, well-stocked isles, racks and online storefronts offer easy access to almost every type of 80’s era vintage fashion, including:

– G Star Denim Skirts

– Olive Drab Army Combat Shorts

– Cowichan Sweaters in a variety of designs, sizes and colours

– Women’s Crew Neck Boy London Sweatshirts

– 80’s-style Rose Print Dresses

– …and much more

And the love with 1980s fashion prevails unabated. In her 1985 video, Material Girl, Madonna took inspiration from a bygone era and mimicked the Blonde Bombshell, Marilyn Monroe’s, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes look. But that was just the start.  Flashbacks and fashion throwbacks continued, with her collaboration with designers like Gaultier who, in 2001, was instrumental in creating her neo-punk fashion from another bygone era for her Drowned World tour. 

The 80s may be in our rear-view mirrors – but they’re still influencing 2020’s fashion. As recently as Fall 2020, Brooklyn-based designer Christopher John Rogers modelled his own designs that were reminiscent of the Fall 1988 couture collection from Christian Lacroix.  And, just in-vogue as they were back in the 80s, vintage polka dots, 80s leggings and oversized blazers are very much a relevant part of today’s fashion accessories.