Dining Out in 2022: Benjamin Berry of Minnesota Shares New Restaurant Trends

Now that restaurants are up and running again, many foodies are more than ready to get back into their normal dining-out routine. Chefs are more than ready to share their new techniques and trends with diners. According to restaurateur Benjamin Berry of Minnesota, restaurant patrons should have an eye out for some new and exciting dining trends in 2022, including fire-heavy flavors, delicious comfort foods, and delectable small bites. Here, Berry shares the details on how chefs are likely to bring these new trends to each diner’s table.

Smoke and Fire Reign Supreme, According to Benjamin Berry of Minnesota

Grilling techniques from around the world are giving chefs exciting new ways to combine fire and food, according to Benjamin Berry of Minnesota. While different BBQ techniques are creating exciting cuisines, cooking methods aren’t the only things that are changing. Chefs are trying out different types of wood — olive, hickory, chestnut, and more — to create new and exciting flavors on the grill. In addition to creating new fire-laden flavors, chefs are also pairing different types of grilled cuisine — such as smoked sauces over cedar-plank fish.

Comfort is Here to Stay

Throughout 2020 and 2021, carbs reigned supreme — and according to Benjamin Berry of Minnesota, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Many people are still looking for comfort after recent events, and cozy lasagnas, upscale sandwiches, and noodle-loaded soups are the perfect way for diners to indulge in foods that feel like being wrapped up in a warm blanket.

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota says that comfort isn’t just going to be a trend for main dishes in 2022 — diners can expect to see comfort-heavy desserts as well. Small bread puddings, cakes, pies, and pastries are all going to pop up on restaurant menus more than in past years.

Small Indulgences Provide a Bite of Decadence

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in countless ways, and its effects on the restaurant industry aren’t disappearing any time soon, according to Benjamin Berry of Minnesota. Restaurants and diners alike are looking to cut back on costs, and small indulgences allow diners to enjoy a few bites of luxury.

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota says to look out for mini desserts, small upgrades (like stepped-up sauces and sides) are a way for restaurants to treat diners to the experience they’ve been missing — without breaking the bank.


Restaurateur Benjamin Berry of Minnesota New Restaurant Concepts For 2022