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Project to implement an operational 200nm High Frequency Surface Wave radar (HFSWR) showcase system in Canada


Waterloo, ON – 30 September 2021 – Maerospace Corporation, a global supplier of real-time maritime intelligence via industry leading radar systems and innovative data analytics, is pleased to announce that Raytheon Missiles & Defense, a Raytheon Technologies business, has awarded a $6.7 million CAD offset funding contract to build and operate a permanent PASE HFSWR Demonstration System and International Showcase.

Under this offset funding agreement, Maerospace will deploy and operate a 4th generation PASE HFSWR system in Newfoundland as an operational demonstration, development and test facility for the advancement of this leading Canadian technology. Maerospace anticipates partnering with Canadian universities and collaborative companies to continue to improve upon Canada’s leadership in maritime domain awareness systems.

The PASE system (for Persistent Active Surveillance of the EEZ), provides continuous coverage of ship traffic to a range of 200 nautical miles, reaching both the Grand Banks fishing region and the Hibernia oil fields off the coast of Newfoundland.

“This installation will be the most advanced HFSWR deployment in the world and demonstrates several next generation product enhancements,” said Eric Meger, CEO of Maerospace Corporation. “Our Newfoundland site provides the ideal location to show how PASE can be managed from a remote Command Operations Center while also providing a development platform for research and enhancements in radar, analytics, and related software developments. Maerospace is excited to subsidize matching contributions in kind to maximize this radar installation and its effectiveness as a world-leading research site.”

When completed, the implementation will include a showcase Command Operations Center (COC) in Ontario as a technical demonstration and reference facility where Maerospace can bring domestic and international customers. A Regional Operations Center (ROC) in Atlantic Canada will be built to exhibit operation and monitoring at a second location, with full testing and operational control of remote facilities through satellite communications. The COC will be located at Maerospace headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario with the secondary ROC facility in Maerospace facilities in St. John’s, Newfoundland. All sites will be connected by satellite links to demonstrate secure and reliable communications from any location.

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About Raytheon Missiles & Defense

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About Maerospace Corporation

Maerospace Corp., based in Waterloo, Ontario, is a global supplier of PASE HFSWR Radar solutions and real-time, predictive analytics to the maritime market.  Their core data product, TimeCaster creates a real-time feed of position reports for all ships with up to 30 times the accuracy of raw data source, enabling a wide range of value-creating applications.

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