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Md Kamrul Hassan Shuvo was an employee at a fashion house in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka but he did not like the eternal rules of service and wanted to do something new.

He became an entrepreneur leaving a high-paying job and become one of the successful young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Md Kamrul Hassan Shuvo’s start-up company plaireasia and its sister concern Illusionbd has been doing business with goodwill while he wants that the country’s youth will try to be entrepreneurs not hankering after jobs.

Md Kamrul Hassan Shuvo always had a tendency on information and technology and tried to make difficult things easier as he had spent his school life in the hostel and did not even get enough time to buy clothing according to his choice.

However, his favorite shopping mall was far away from his hostel. Following this, he created an idea of how to provide clothing to people according to their choice.

He finally started an online shop named Trivooz for the youth began selling T-shirts and become a small entrepreneur and has been working relentlessly as one of the young entrepreneurs of the country.

Yes, I am talking about Md Kamrul Hassan Shuvo, the founder of Plaireasia & Illusionbd, who has been proving himself in the field of digital marketing for more than a decade and still learning in this sector. He is not only the one who wants to create a hub for young entrepreneurs. But, his main objective is to make the youth entrepreneurial by removing the weakness towards the job. He has made his business a tool for him.

Md Kamrul Hassan Shuvo said, ‘Plaireasia is not only a marketing firm but also a complete business development solution where an entrepreneur will have every opportunity to make his small endeavor in a big concern spending a certain amount of money.

‘In this case, no one needs not to go to in different institutions individually. Plaireasia will provide various benefits from Brand Development to Customer Data Analysis, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Planning, Business Development Expertise, Media buying, Growth Analysis, CRM, Accounts Management, Dedicated Sales Team, Delivery Service, Facebook Live, Motion Video, Model Shoot, Google Certified Business location including page management and web development. The whole Plaireasia business style is basically like an ecosystem which is inseparably linked with one another,’ he added.

He also said that firstly, an entrepreneur will be able to solve all the problems, to expand their business from product sourcing to product import through a part of an organization called Easy Import Solutions.




‘A small business owner who has only one Facebook page can bring a single product from China or India at wholesale price through this company,’ he said.

The country is yet to create a domestic product sourcing chain like Alibaba, Made in China, or Taobao. Plaireasia launches a product sourcing chain for the very first time in the country under B2B E-Commerce. An entrepreneur can bring any Chinese or Indian products directly from SHIMAO in any quantity. Md Kamrul Hassan Shuvo’s aim is to break the wholesale market and get the importers out of the hostage situation.

Plaireasia also has a delivery service organization called Fastbee Delivery. Those who provide services within 24 hours in the capital Dhaka, pay for the goods only a day later.

Illusionbd, a concern of Plaireasia, is working with Chinese and Indian lifestyle products for young women. Recently The company launch on the market with their own designer products. The company has already been able to attract the attention of people especially young women. Illusionbd’s imported attires, bags, and shoes are among the best in terms of online sales. The customer can also buy the product of their choice from home featuring attractive design and affordable price.

Plaireasia is currently working with more than 150 organizations across the country. The company is also planning to set up an academy soon for teaching young entrepreneurs which name will be Plaireasia Academy.


Plaireasia is currently working with more than 150 organizations across the country. The company is also planning to set up an academy soon for teaching young entrepreneurs which name will be Plaireasia Academy.

Contact Information:
Plaireasia House#100, Level#2, Dhanmondi Sankar Chairmen Goli, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209 Web: www.plaireasia.com E-Mail: info@plaireasia.com Contact: +88 09638816409 Facebook: www.facebook.com/plaireasia

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