Hello! My name is Sol Hansen, I am a lawyer from Argentina and thanks to my experience gained within my profession, and through my interaction with other cultures, I have realized what and how English-speaking people need to learn to express themselves in Spanish, especially when it comes to professional language.

I am a language lover. I have studied: English, Italian, French –even Latin and Greek, and since I understand the lack of different kinds of Spanish courses, I have decided to create an useful and necessary variety for you.

My course titled “Writing and Meetings” teaches you how to write professionally in Spanish and how to express yourself correctly in business meetings.

Telephoning and video-conferencing are situations where it is necessary to speak another language; so you will find information on this topic as well.

My idea is to continue helping you in a wide variety of aspects of language in order to combine everyday Spanish with your working life.  I have designed, in fact, a complete course titled: “Work and Human Resources“, which is aimed at anyone who works in Business Administration, Human Resources, Accounting, or Sales, to enrich your vocabulary in your area of expertise.

Moreover, the next beneficiaries will be lawyers, who not only will find my courses very useful, but also there is going to be one specially designed for them.

Beyond my Professional Spanish courses, let me tell you that I feel a great desire to share many beautiful and interesting things about our wonderful Latin America with you! That is why I am also working on a method in which not only you can learn about the funny idiomatic expressions of each country, but also you can tour their landscapes and culture, and even enjoy the stories of our best comedians!

I really love the landscapes of my country, its people, and I love everything I have known while travelling throughout Latin America, so I would like to share all this joy and passion for our culture and heritage with you!

Finally, I would like all the students of the Spanish language know that you will also find a course titled: “Learning The Subjunctive with Latin Music! Where you will be able to learn this verb by singing nice songs!

You can find me at spanishcourseswithsol.thinkific.com, and the recently launched You Tube channel called Spanish Courses with Sol, to which you can subscribe and share, although it would be very nice for me that you learn from my platform, so we can be in contact with each other!

Warmest regards

Sol Hansen

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Sol Hansen