As the Thai government recognizes esports, there couldn’t have been a better time to be alive and witness the boom in the Thai gaming industry! With an estimated 35 million gamers and annual revenue surpassing the billion dollar mark, the Thai gaming market is literally shattering the glass ceiling. It now sits among the world’s highest-profile gaming frontiers, even as it is yet to achieve its fullest potential. So robust is the industry that it is primarily taunted as the future leader in the Southeast Asian region. But it isn’t a surprise that most gamers in Thailand are now up for the game. Gaming trends like those at, have always painted a picture of immense growth and optimism, punctuated mainly by the proliferation of mobile gaming. Having had the privilege to witness the genesis of this whole boom, it isn’t a shocker to see the numbers rising vis-à-vis mobile gaming.

Now, More Than Ever, Gaming is not “Just a Game”

Thais have truly embraced online gaming from being a pastime distraction and a hobby to a profession. The rise of iGaming has been tremendous and beautiful, perhaps even reminiscent of the picturesque Kuala Lumpur skyline. And nothing could have painted a clearer picture than the numbers posted over the recent past. Before the advent of iGaming, most urbanites regarded gaming as their favorite leisure activity. Gaming consoles hadn’t gained much popularity in the region while playing games on PC and mobile devices was still an idea. Undoubtedly, Thai people have video gaming and entertainment in their DNA. Yet, like a time bomb, video gaming arrived and gained its way into their hearts and minds. The pandemic could have sparked a fire in the hearts of the country’s millions of ardent gamers. And from a few hundred thousand to an estimated 35 million, all in less than a decade, it has been quite a revolution. For most, mobile gaming is far more exciting than computer gaming and consoles. It has been a real switch from classic games of the retro, old-school gaming market to app-based gaming. In fact, compared to other hot iGaming markets across Europe, 87% of Thai gamers believe in mobile gaming, as PC games and consoles come second and third, at 40% and 20%, respectively. And now, more than ever, Thai players no longer perceive this as “just a game” any longer.

There’s a Reason Why Thai Gamers Believe in Mobile

Mobile online casinos and mainstream iGaming via mobile is a culture much like the pop culture that has swept through the country. Indeed, mobile gamers are the ones ruling this country’s vibrant gaming industry. This couldn’t have been any truer, given that by December 2021, 95% of Thailand’s gamers in its cities preferred mobile gaming over consoles and PC gaming. www The switch from PC and gaming consoles to mobile positively correlates with the remarkable rise in mobile gaming. Urban Thai gamers prefer to turn to their smartphones on the metro, in traffic, or even at home. Mobile gaming is both cheaper and a lot more convenient compared to computer gaming and consoles. Furthermore, according to a 2021 survey, many of them prefer mobile because of the freedom it comes with. They are free to play online, whenever they feel, anywhere, and with no special requirements. Most games are also tailored for mobile and even come as gaming apps, which add to the glamor of not needing a PC. Mobile gaming in Thailand has given rise to several cadres of gamers. The low-key players spend as little as 30 minutes playing three days a week. They perceive Thai iGames as perfect to kill time and only use their phones instead of switching to their computers and gaming consoles. Ideally, they keep everything simple and don’t see the need to invest in quality equipment, only resorting to their ordinary phones. Low-key Thai gamers aren’t as many as the Competitive ones who take the pastime a bit more seriously. Most 16-24-year-olds don’t necessarily play for money but instead go it all to conquer other gamers, pass challenges and unlock more competitive levels. Mostly, these competitive players spend at least 3hrs a day competing. They eventually graduate into serial winners and go professional to play for money, promotions, and influencer activities.

Game Popularity: is it FIFA, Candy Crush, or which other one?

Being a Role Playing Games (RPGs) lover in Thailand is easy. An estimated 33% of players choose RPG, MMORPG, or MMORPG games, over other iGaming types. A further 12% are into battle royale games, and 18% enjoy online strategy games. This is despite the presence of classic Candy Crush, FIFA, and other popular brands. Still, eSports is alive and probably has no equal. Thai gamers enjoy smooth access to a rich collection of the planet’s best games. Professionals are diverse in their preferences, although real-time strategy games are popular. A majority admit that they prefer StarCraft II and MOBA ones, led by Dota 2, which is so famous that you could be fooled to think it is a national sport and League of Legends. Mobile iGaming is mainly responsible for the preference for PUBG Mobile, Dota 2, and Garena Free Fire, among other games, over PC gaming. Given that up to 95% of players use their mobile handsets is the reason why FIFA, Candy Crush, and all the previously famous PC and console games aren’t attractive anymore.

iGaming in Thailand is so hot that it has attracted international attention

As over 35 million gamers play online, it is without a doubt that the Thai online gaming space is now an international phenomenon. Government recognition it has received, plus the many brands jostling for gaming advertisements, is a testament to that. If you are a gamer, Thailand is perfect for you!