Martial arts have been gaining popularity for decades, and kids are catching on. Nicholas Liou recently explained that Taekwondo can be extremely beneficial for kids, improving both their mental and physical health.

“Getting kids active can be difficult when you’re competing with TV and video games,” Nicholas Liou said. “Taekwondo is physical activity kids love to do.”

Nicholas Liou explained that Taekwondo is especially appealing to kids. They see it in pop culture and associate it with heroes from their favorite movies. They feel like real-life ninjas, and their parents learn to love it too.

Nicholas Liou Explains Why Taekwondo Is Ideal for Kids

For many parents, Taekwondo is beneficial in many ways. It teaches their kids self-defense, which is especially useful if they find themselves in dangerous situations. Taekwondo teaches kids how to attack vulnerable areas of the body if they’re under attack.

Similarly, this sport is linked to improved self-confidence too. Kids learn what it feels like to be successful, as they reach different belt levels and master new maneuvers. They’re forced to challenge themselves in every Taekwondo class, and that leads to a serious sense of determination, courage, and self-confidence. This self-confidence is carried into school and other sports.

“Taekwondo and other martial arts teach the importance of respect,” Nicholas Liou said. “Kids learn to respect their instructor, their opponent, and everyone around them. They take this respect with them into the classroom, social activities, other sports, and throughout life.”

Additionally, Liou explained that Taekwondo improves focus. Kids must pay attention to their instructions and follow directions. They learn to be alert and clear-headed, which benefits them in sport and in life. Parents also benefit from a kid’s ability to follow directions precisely and immediately.

“Best of all, Taekwondo is fun,” Nicholas Liou said. “It shows kids that exercise doesn’t have to be dreaded. It can be enjoyable and benefit your life in many ways. Kids enjoy advancing throughout the levels of the practice, interacting with fellow Taekwondo students, and competing.”

Liou explained that kids create lifelong bonds with one another through Taekwondo, as they practice and compete together. It is a sport that is highly interactive but also allows kids to move at their own pace. They’re often having so much fun they don’t know that they’re working their upper and lower body muscles.

“The best way to see if Taekwondo is right for your child is to let them try it,” Liou said. “It’s not for everyone, but it’s a sport that can be very beneficial for those who fall in love with it.”