We’re amidst extraordinary changes that are adjusting business and enterprises in critical manners permanently. Known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, this transformation is liable for a gigantic transformation in the manner our work environments and how the worldwide market works similarly as the past revolutions have had an effect. People and organizations that do not adapt to these changes are bound to be left behind. new technology trends in marketing 2020 have completely changed how we perceive, plan, and market our services and products. We will discuss how technology has had a massive effect on marketing and its related fields.

During the 1770s, the First Industrial Revolution introduced motorization. After 100 years, the Second Industrial Revolution brought to power, large scale manufacturing, and sequential construction systems. And in the third, we found Personal computers and digitalization. As we plummet all the more profoundly into the new universe of Industry 4.0, brilliant processing plants, associated machines, and AI robots are changing our working environments as well as expert capacities, for example, advertising.

Marketing is needed in almost every field and has its roots embedded in every business and organization. Without it, customers cannot be targeted and products and services cannot be sold. Technology has played a vital role in the field of marketing and continues to mold it and improve it, providing many new insights and innovations. Marketing with old school technology is slowly going obsolete as the world is evolving with technology and people want the latest trends everywhere. People can now order shoes straight from their social media accounts, this is where traditional marketing technology and techniques have kicked the bucket. Let’s look at the new technology trends in marketing 2020 and see what effects they have on the marketing industry.

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New Technology Trends in Marketing 2020

From a marketing point of view, there are four key Technological improvements that are supporting the changes in the world of marketing. These are the new technology trends in marketing 2020:

Big Data

Big data is at the top of new technology trends in marketing 2020. There is an extraordinary development of information in progress. Truth be told, 90% of all the information on the planet was created in the previous not many years. Enormous information can be significant for business. We presently have around 30 zettabytes of information on the planet (we make more information in a moment from TVs, watches, and other associated gadgets than information that was made in 2000. This number is anticipated to develop to 175 zettabytes by 2025. While there is a ton of publicity about large information, there’s no uncertainty it’s advocated. Not exclusively would we be able to extricate significant importance from the information that is made each second, however, we likewise now have Artificial Intelligence that can quicken the investigation and go through bits and pieces of information with ease.

Smart Technology

One more gigantic pattern right now is the quantity of savvy, associated gadgets that we call the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology helps in gathering information on any subject of our choice. For advertisers, the measure of information we can gather about clients and their practices is especially illuminating.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Man-made brainpower (AI) and AI are innovations that utilize the productive information we need to fuel the insight upset. Machine insight, from various perspectives, surpasses human knowledge. Numerous parts of our regular day to day existence are presently being affected by man-made reasoning and AI.

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality

Alongside computer-generated reality that totally inundates clients in a virtual world and increased reality that places advanced articles, in reality, blended the truth is another development that has expansive applications in terms of marketing and providing customers a very unique and extravagant experience. Mixed reality has its own unique features that let the users or customers control the objects, items, and services. This whole new world is taking many shapes and forms in many other industries as well as gaming and teaching. 

Some Benefits of the New Technology

At the point when advertisers utilize these new technology trends in marketing 2020, they can get the following benefits:

More Detailed info of Clientele

Marketing groups from organizations, for example, Disney, Facebook, and Netflix are utilizing enormous information, shrewd gadgets, man-made reasoning, and AI, and virtual, enlarged, and blended reality to comprehend their clients (and client conduct) at an extraordinary level. Disney has consistently been a tech pioneer and today utilizes the MagicBand and the information it produces to push its client experience higher than ever. Facebook utilizes man-made brainpower and explicitly machine and profound figuring out how to truly comprehend what data clients are generally keen on finding in their channels. Man-made intelligence and information are additionally at the center of Netflix’s business methodology from better understanding their purchasers (what we’re watching, perusing, and skipping) too.

Automated Advertising and AI Marketing Bots

Advertising content that used to be given by content makers would now be able to be provided by machines because of the progression in the common language age. Ali Baba, a Chinese online store totally relies on automated advertising and is making profits by the minute. Making advertising mechanization a stride further is Samsung that just presented counterfeit people that look and act like the genuine article and are utilized to showcase items and administrations day in and day out.


The moment companies start providing their customers with the products the services they exactly need, at the exact moment they need it, they will transcend the opposition. The organizations that prevail with regards to doing so are utilizing the most recent tech to exploit miniature minutes in a client’s life. It’s the direct advanced admittance to clients that takes into account this ultra-customization.

Engagement with Clients

Envision being going to attempt before you purchase regardless of where you are found. This no longer must be a capacity that you envision on the grounds that all-inclusive truth is now grinding away today to make a superior client experience. As of now, Rolex permits clients to take a stab at observing practically through an application to perceive how various styles would look on their wrists through an augmented reality application. Along these lines, Porsche has an application that permits a client to design their fantasy vehicle in three measurements, including photograph reasonable tones and completes, and place it in a genuine climate, for example, their own carport or carport.

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution keeps on developing, there will be extra capacities that advertising divisions will investigate and actualize. All these technological revolutions are helping organizations in better understanding their customers and providing them the best products and services that they want.

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The technology driving mankind forward is evolving at a very quick pace, it is affecting almost all the fields that touch it. Marketing is a huge industry that is being affected the most by it as the world is constantly buying and selling products, goods, and services. These new technology trends in marketing 2020 are changing the world bit by bit and slowly but surely all of us would have no choice left but to adapt to the new trends and technology.