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As a new kind of knowledge base and learning management solution, QKnow’s Knowledge Place gives companies software to provide employees with answers to frequently asked internal questions at work. This new addition to QKnow’s learning management system helps employees learn and stay in the know. Companies already use QKnow for important topics including onboarding information, company culture, product knowledge, operations, processes, sales training, and more. Now, employees and teams will be able to easily access their internal company FAQ.

“Once companies realized the benefits of using QKnow questions for employee onboarding, training, and learning; the next big thing everyone wanted was a place to look up answers. QKnow is now that place for internal questions and answers at work.” said Alex Colcernian, Founder.

QKnow’s Knowledge Place makes the information teams need to know accessible in a few clicks. It gives leaders and managers a place to provide people with the knowledge they need. Employees get a safe and reliable space to ask or answer their own questions about work. Used in combination with learning and training features, the Knowledge Place makes QKnow a complete solution for many corporate learning, employee training, onboarding, and knowledge management needs.

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Founded in 2017, QKnow makes sure people learn and remember what they need to know at work. The learning and knowledge management software serves employee training needs from new employee onboarding to product launches, through continuous education and knowledge reinforcement. Leaders and managers use QKnow to train teams, distribute knowledge, and reinforce important information. Learn more at https://QKnow.com.