CHARLESTON, S.C. – Following the COVID-19 pandemic, one sector that had some issues when it came to their disinfection process were funeral homes. Many people have lost friends or family due to the virus, and wanted to celebrate their life in the way that was right for them. Given how little the world knew about this disease, funeral home workers were nervous that they could contract the virus from decedents they were working with. While PPE was not only encouraged but required in many cases, funeral home workers wanted to make sure they were kept healthy while at work.

The new Paerosol MAG, or micro-aerosol generator, is a non-toxic and proprietary disinfectant platform. In conjunction with Paerolyte’s liquid disinfectant, the mico-aerosol generator takes the liquid disinfectant and turns it into a dry spray. This dry spray acts like a gas and can embed itself both into the air and onto surfaces, killing up to 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, and mold1. In order to do this, the dry spray creates sub-micron particles, ranging from .1 – 2 microns (one micron is one-thousandth of a millimeter), allowing the disinfectant to get into soft surfaces such as carpeting or seat cushions, or harder surfaces such as prepping tables, walls and anything within the room that is being treated. The use of the micro-aerosol generator can help stop the spread of infectious diseases by treating the sanctuary where services take place between each service. Prolonged use of the micro-aerosol generator will allow for a less time required to disinfect the room the more it is used. The Paerosol MAG, in conjunction with Paerolyte’s liquid disinfectant, also contains a deodorizing property to it. Compared to other products on the market, the micro-aerosol generator will actively remove odors instead of covering them up, allowing the space to smell the way it was supposed to. The micro-aerosol generator is a cost-effective and easy to use alternative that can help keep funeral homes sanitized and keep their patrons safe and healthy.

“The research and development put into the MAG [micro-aerosol generator] and the liquid disinfectant has yielded amazing results to help people in a place like funeral homes stay safe and healthy while celebrating the loss of a loved one.”

  • Steve Gareleck, CEO of Paerosol LLC

About Paerosol – Paerosol is a platform which kills air and surface-borne mold, bacteria, and viruses at up to a 99.9999% rate of effectiveness. The Paerosol technology originated in the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (“PNNL”) which is managed and operated by Battelle Memorial Institute. As part of the Federal Lab Commission’s (“FLC”) efforts to commercialize federally owned technology within the private sector, Paerosol LLC (founded by Steve Gareleck, CEO and Scott Alderson, President) obtained the exclusive licensing rights to this disinfecting technology directly from Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Paerosol’s proprietary Dry Spray technology allows for Paerolyte’s liquid disinfectant to get into all corners and crevices of any space it’s placed in. Paerosol has been successfully tested by US & Foreign Government Agencies. The United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency successfully tested Paerosol against bio-agents including simulates of Anthrax and Ebola, common civilian and hospitals pathogens such as E Coli and Salmonella, antibiotic-resistant microbes, and viruses including H1N1 (swine flu), H5N1 (bird flu), MRSA, and the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19)2.  

About Steve Gareleck – Steve Gareleck is a professionally trained CEO and serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience, who spent his first 5 years on Wall Street working as an Investment Banker, where he helped complete transactions including the privatization of R.J. Reynolds in a $20 Billion deal along with the National Enquirer acquisition of the Star Magazine.  Steve went on to start Cost Management Group, a Nationally recognized leader in the Technology Expense Management space with a key focus on Telecommunications.  He also started Infinite Resource Solutions, a Professional Services Company with a focus on MuleSoft implementations for fortune 500 companies.  As the Chairman of the Board of both Companies, Steve still maintains a close connection with both organizations.

About Scott Alderson – Scott is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. Scott began his career in the financial software business working at Shepro-Braun Systems, where he managed the sales and consulting groups.   In 1996, he joined SS&C Technologies, Inc. as a Senior Vice President and Managing Director of the Hedge Fund Software Division.  In 2001, Scott was recruited as COO of Integrated Business Systems, a hedge fund software provider. Over three (3) years, Scott successfully grew the business to over 50 hedge fund clients and was responsible for the sale of the company to Sungard Financial Group.  In 2006, Scott founded Paladyne Systems, a cloud-based hedge fund operations platform.  In 2011, Paladyne Systems was sold to Broadridge Financial in excess of $100 million in acquisition value.   In 2013, Scott launched Lake Avenue Ventures, an early stage VC fund focused on “environmentally friendly”, “green” technology platforms.

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