Tucker & Dale vs Evil is one of those movies that starts out as goofy and campy, but ends up becoming a good movie to watch and rewatch it again. Shot on a low-budget and with a storyline whose central plot is borderline racist in some instances, you should do so immediately and then you’ll ask for some more movies like Tucker & Dale vs Evil, which is why we’re here today.

Movies like Tucker & Dale vs Evil belong to a genre of campy comedy. In the movie, two well-meaning hillbillies conveniently named Tucker and Dale are perceived as evil by a bunch of college students, who feel stuck with them when they go for a forest adventure, spotting the two at a gas station at the start of a movie, and immediately dismissing them as aloof, uneducated and crass.

The movie could be construed as an essential depiction of how hillbillies and people from the south are generally viewed by people from the north, but its just a comedy, campy movie that is a good movie at heart, and tries not too hard at getting this message across. If you’ve seen it and want more movies like Tucker & Dale vs Evil, here is the list of the top 10 movies to watch that are like Tucker & Dale vs Evil.

Movies Like Tucker & Dale vs Evil: The List

Here is a list of movies like Tucker & Dale vs Evil, which are included in the genre of comedy, Southern comedy, campy and fun. The movies in the list include one or more elements commonly associated with the American South.

Zombieland (Released in 2009)


Zombieland has become a fan-favourite in the more recent years, much in part due to the memorable dialogue set, the casting choices and the overall conception and the ambience of the movie.

Released in 2009 with Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg serving as the leads, the country is overrun with zombies, with no signs of survivors for nerdy student nicknamed Columbus (as per his intended destination).

As he begins his journey back home, he is met by yet another survivor, a complete and polar opposite of Columbus by the moniker of Tallahassee, a gun-slinging Southie.

The film follows them getting conned out of their vehicle and weaponry, and the pair’s subsequent attempts to connect with Little Rock and Wichita. Although not very much similar in concept with Tucker & Dale vs Evil, it is still a fun movie, similar to movies like Tucker & Dale vs Evil.

Zombieland 2: Double Tap (Released in 2019)

Zombieland 2

The sequel to the 2009 comedy hit Zombieland, Zombieland 2: Double Tap delves deeper into the storyline of the original one, with the four characters from the previous instalment finding more survivors including Madison, the love interest of Columbus and Nevada,

who is similarly positioned for Tallahassee. The movie further explores the run-down world, with more survivors, more advanced zombies and a new storyline, which sees splits in the original partnership of the four.

Nearing the end of the movie, the group find themselves surrounded by zombies, nicknamed the T-800 after the Terminator series, due to their physical prowess and seeming invulnerability to bullets and explosives.

The end of the movie sees Columbus teaming up with Wichita as the original four members ride off out of Babylon and into the future.

The Dead Don’t Die (Released in 2019)

The Dead Don’t Die (Released in 2019)

With a stellar cast including Bill Murray and Adam Driver, The Dead Don’t Die is more of a comedy than a horror, considering that while the storyline would have you believe it’s more geared towards horror.

The screenplay and the acting all are more poised towards comedy, and while the sales numbers did not depict so, the movie is hilarious, the actors (including Driver, known for playing more serious roles) break out of their comfort zones to give us the type of campiness one could expect from a horror-comedy mashup, which itself sounds oxymoronic to many people.

But the movie is campy all right, and the comedic value far exceeds that of its horror value. The film sees zombies invade a small, sleepy town, and how the sheriff and his lieutenant stand their ground and defend the town against, with help from a wide variety of characters.

The movie like Tucker & Dale vs Evil is a campy, horror-comedy that is fun for a movie night.

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Rubber (Released in 2010)


Ever wonder what would happen if a seemingly non-threatening thing got sentience and went on a killing spree? Well, if you have ever wondered, here’s Rubber with your worst fears of being killed by an inanimate object being confirmed.

Equal parts horror and stupidly comedic, Rubber follows Robert, a tire that gains sentience and decides to go on a killing spree after watching a crowd of people burning tyres, which he construes as an atrocity against his kind.

The movie is further complemented by a sub-plot, a sort of film screening in the desert that plays alongside this tyre massacre. At the climax of this movie, Robert is shot nonchalantly by the local sheriff and slung onto a man berating the sheriff for ending the movie so non-climactically, and in the backdrop, we hear another shot, presumably at the old man.

Equal parts weird and campy, Rubber is a movie similar to Tucker & Dale vs Evil but way more weird.

Bad Milo (Released in 2013)

Bad Milo

This one is just straight up weird, but since it is a movie like Tucker & Dale vs Evil, we’ll include it in our list. Plus, who doesn’t want to see a cute alien-esque bodily apparition made out of polyps? Apparently un-sick freaks like us.

But hey, its still a comedy movie that also masquerades as a horror movie, so there’s that. It starts with the life of a very stressed-out man, who is put in charge of firing people, which makes his life even more stressful.

One day, while meeting his gastroenterologist, a regular polyp metamorphizes into an alien-like structure, which the doctor suggests to befriend. What follows is forty minutes of weirdness, where Milo, the alien apparition kills everyone who attempts to put Duncan into a stressful situation, ending with Milo assimilating Duncan’s wife.

The whole movie is very weird to say the least, but with a genre equally weird, who are we to complain?

Little Evil (Released in 2017)

Little Evil (Released in 2017)

Little Evil is one of those movies whose comedic value is far appreciated than the horror it carries, and whatever horror elements it does have are dipped in campiness.

Starring Adam Scott, the movie follows his character, Gary who finally marries the woman of his dreams, Samantha, who has a five-year old boy Lucas who Gary is convinced is the Antichrist.

What follows is Gary’s attempts to connect with him, eventually failing to see anything human in him, while Samantha only assumes that Lucas is just having regular old troubles with his stepfather. At the end, the both do connect, and even as they do so, clerics take Lucas away to kill him and banish him to Hell, which Gary stops.

A campy movie like Tucker & Dale vs Evil.