Jokes and memes aside, Nicholas Cage is a really good actor, and while his choice of movies leaves many people scratching their heads, you have to admit, his acting really makes some movies enjoyable and worthwhile. One of such movies is National Treasure, which performed well at the box office, all the while displaying Cage’s impressive range of acting ability. The movie itself was good, and was considered good, reminiscent of old treasure hunting movies. It was good enough to spawn an entire media franchise and another movie, a sequel by the name of National Treasure: Book of Secrets. So, with a movie as good as this, are there other best movies like National Treasure?

In this genre of adventure and treasure hunting, there are many movies, arguably better than this one, but as of late, not many have risen to the challenge of dethroning the older, more better offerings of this segment. National Treasure is a movie that belongs to a cadre of movies that have fared well, and are remembered well for their acting, story and screenplay. As such, many people look for movies like National Treasure, either to fantasise finding a couple million worth of gold coins in their backyard, or to charter a ship out to the shore and start looking for sunken ships with treasure. Whatever the reason, here are some movies similar to National Treasure.

Movies Like National Treasure : Our Top Picks 

There are many National Treasure-type movies, entire franchises focusing on treasure hunting and going to  historical places on the planet to look for secrets, treasures and whatnot. The concept of finding Spanish gold galleons in the sea or diamond-encrusted vessels buried deep beneath a pyramid still attract many people, while some are in it just for the fun of playing pirate. However, as evidenced by the popularity of the movies, one can assume that many just like to sit and watch people leap from stone to stone, trying to get their hands on a priceless historical artifact. Whatever your reason for watching, here are a few movies similar to National Treasure.

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1)  National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

It would be pretty obvious for the list of movies like National Treasure to have its sequel at the start. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets is a movie very much similar to the original one, and you get the same cast and director, albeit a different and more elaborate storyline, which is still fun. So, if you are looking for a movie like National Treasure, start by watching its sequel.

2) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

One of the best movies in the franchise, and arguably one of the best of all time, who doesn’t know Indiana Jones? The first movie of the franchise was an instant classic, which laid down the basis for two more classic flicks, one final let-down and a whole barrage of films that would try to capitalize on the popularity. The film follows Jones, an archaeology professor who is hired by the government to stop Nazis getting hold of the Ark of the Covenant, which they intend to use for world domination. Thoroughly classical.

3) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The third in the franchise but second on this list, we have Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which sees Jones once again battling Nazis, preventing them from getting their hands on the mystic and legendary Holy Grail, the supposed chalice Christ used at the Last Supper, which supposedly grants immortality to the drinker. We are also introduced to Henry Jones Sr, Indy’s father, brilliantly played by none other than Sean Connery. The film is wonderful, and features some of the most iconic dialogues and moments. This is a movie many would claim to be better than National Treasure.

4) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The third entry on this list but the sequel to the first movie in the franchise, Temple of Doom still holds up pretty better than many other entries on the list. It was unfortunately marred with accusations of racist depictions of the Indian culture, but has ultimately been hailed for its artistic greatness. However, for movies similar to National Treasure, Temple of Doom is a little bit different as key elements from the plots of the previous two movies are not used, and instead a more criminal investigator type of approach was utilized for this. Still, a good movie is nearly like National Treasure.

5) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

One of the lowest-rated Indiana Jones movies of all time, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is yet another movie in the franchise just like National Treasure, however, not as good as the rest of them. It shows an aged Indy, who apparently passes the torch onto his long-estranged son played by Shia LaBeouf while chasing a crystal skull, which supposedly has extra-terrestrial origins and contains the knowledge of all universes. While not exactly like National Treasure, it has the same elements of bad guys chasing the good guys, while the good guys try to keep an element from the bad guys which they will use for world domination. 

6) Sahara

Featuring an ensemble cast led by Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz, next on the list we have Sahara, which is a movie many claim to be very closely related to National Treasure, with many even going far enough to claim that the books by Clive Cussler (that the movie is based on) served as inspiration for the National Treasure series. Anyways, the movie has us see seasoned adventurer by the name of Dirk Pitt and his search for a lost Civil War treasure, mysteriously buried in the Sahara Desert, all the while rescuing the beautiful scientist who helps him uncover the mystery behind a disease that’s been ravaging the part of the world. While this wasn’t financially successful, the acting is good, the screenplay checks out and the cast’s chemistry is wonderful. Solid contender for movies like National Treasure. 

7) Fool’s Gold

Another McConaughey flick, this time we are greeted with the blue seas instead of the brown deserts, with the actor looking for the Spanish shipwreck fabled for carrying treasure, which sunk off the coast of modern-day Florida while returning to Europe. The movie features all the requisites of a treasure-hunting movie, and features an impressive cast to support it. However, the movie did not perform as well on the box office as the directors would have it perform, but nonetheless, it is a movie like National Treasure and with good entertainment value.

8) Congo

Congo is also one of the lower-rated films of this list, but nonetheless one that has a good entertainment value, and a movie very similar to National Treasure. We follow Karen Ross and her group of scientists and archaeologists as they try to look for a billionaire’s son, who has gotten lost while looking for diamonds in Africa. The movie follows here attempts to find the son, and at the same time, try to solve the mystery. The movie hasn’t been rated well, but more and more people are now beginning to open up to the movie, its premise and the acting sequences delivered by the cast.

9) Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Who doesn’t know Lara Croft: Tomb Raider? For many, the definitive portrayal was through the movies, and although the games were pretty popular as well, what gave the series the edge it needed to be successful at the box office was the phenomenal performance from the cast and the storyline. We saw Angelina Jolie travel the world in the search for Pandora’s Box, and taking down everyone that came into her way. Audiences worldwide were thrilled by the scenery, the storyline and the tense, grappling situations Croft found herself in while looking for that Box. Memorable movie, and one that surpasses National Treasure in many ways. 

10) The Mummy

Returning back to the deserts of Africa, next on the list we have The Mummy, which is an amazing movie to start with, and doubles down with the lead actors, which are Brendan Frasier and Rachel Weisz. The performance is incredible, as is the story: we follow Frasier’s character, Rick O’Connell, who along with Weisz’s character as the librarian, goes to Egypt and mistakenly wakes up the cursed Egyptian high priest, named Imhotep, causing widespread chaos as the duo and their team work out a way to defeat Imhotep and his armies of mummies, insects and what not. Filled to the brim with funny scenes and daring action and adventure, The Mummy is a movie that has been etched into the memories of everyone who saw it when it first came out, which earns it a spot on our list as a movie like National Treasure. 

11) Night At the Museum

One of the most memorable movies for many, Night At the Museum starred Ben Stiller arguably at his peak, and while most of his other movies might not be a highlight for many, this certainly was. Working as a nightguard at the Museum of National History, Stiller’s character Larry unpleasantly discovers a curse that brings everything in the museum to life, including the animals and even the supposed inanimate objects, like rock sculptures. What follows is an hour and half of sheer chaos and absolutely funny moments that while many argue are good for kiddie entertainment, aren’t really enjoyable by grownups. However, we would like to digress and say that it’s good fun for everybody, which is why it is on the list with the movies most similar to National Treasure. 

12) Romancing the Stone

The only Golden Globe winner on this list, next up we have the critically-acclaimed Romancing the Stone, which features an ensemble cast of Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas. The movie follows Turner’s character, as she races across Colombia with Jack, Douglas’ character, to recover her sister who has been kidnapped by a local warlord. DeVito is his usual charming and brilliant self, and the on-screen chemistry between Turner and Douglas is unrivalled and makes the movie an absolute treat to watch. Plus there are a lot of action sequences and a load of funny scenes and dialogues that really package in the movie as the ultimate Saturday night flick, earning it a spot on the list and being a movie most similar to National Treasure.

13) The Da Vinci Code

One of the first in the series of movies based on novels by acclaimed writer Dan Brown and starring Tom Hanks, The Da Vinci Code is a movie that isn’t all about treasure hunting and chest-opening. The plot follows a secret so sinister and far-reaching that it has the potential to rock the very foundations of Christianity, which is why the movie is looked down upon by many and has even been banned in many parts of the world, particularly where Catholicism is practiced at large. While the movie isn’t exactly like National Treasure, several plot elements do match, like a couple of people giving chase to the good guys to prevent them from outing their dark secrets.

14) Angels & Demons

The second movie in the series, Angels & Demons once again follows Robert Langdon, Hanks’ character, as he works alongside Ewan McGregor (of the Star Wars fame)’s character of a nuclear physicist to solve a high-ranking murder that once again threatens to destroy the world, and in the meantime, foil an international terrorist plot that threatens Vatican and everything Christianity-related. 

15) Inferno

The final movie in this trilogy, Inferno took its sweet time being released, and in 2016, was one of the more widely-anticipated movies of the year. This time around, there’s still no treasure hunting and no running away from giant boulders, instead, Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital only to find his memories gone and the world at the risk of a major terrorist event, which for some reason only he can prevent. Not exactly related to National Treasure, but still, pretty damn close according to many.