Michael Mitchell Penfield NY recently discussed the importance of actuaries in modern-day American life.

Actuaries analyze financial risk and uncertainty by using mathematics, financial theory, and statistics. Most actuaries work for insurance companies or banks in a full-time office position. Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY who is an Ohio State University Sophomore Actuarial student says that he chose actuarial science partly due to his dad’s recommendation, which brought it to his attention, and primarily because he always excelled in math and typically found it enjoyable.

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Michael Mitchell from Penfield NY who is scheduled to graduate in 2023 recently explained that actuaries require a strong background in mathematics, business theory, and statistics and must successfully pass a series of specialized exams in order to become certified as an actuary.

Michael said that the average income of an actuary is $108,350 per year and most actuarial positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. The job outlook for actuaries is excellent with a projected rate of growth of positions between 2019 and 2029 of 18% Math/Actuaries.

Michael Mitchell Penfield NY has been concentrating on getting good grades and focusing on his schoolwork while “gaining experience in the Actuarial Science field.” He says that In January 2020, “I passed my first professional actuarial exam (Exam P), and just recently I also passed Exam FM this February.”

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To become certified as an Actuary, Michael notes that there are a number of actuarial exams that must be passed prior to working as an Actuary. These include the VEE exams for mathematical statistics, economics, accounting and finance, education/exam probability, financial mathematics, investment, and financial models long-term actuarial mathematics, short-term actuarial mathematics, statistics for risk modeling, and predictive analytics.

Michael Mitchell from Penfield NY also says that “I recently landed an actuarial internship for this summer. This is very exciting for me and will be a huge opportunity to gain legitimate experience as a future actuary.” summer-actuarial-internship-jobs

In addition to his academic honors and future career as an actuary, Michael Mitchell Penfield NY notes that he feels it is important to stay well-rounded as he pursues academic excellence.

Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY is a gifted athlete who was named a US Lacrosse Academic All American and currently plays on The Ohio State club lacrosse team. Michael also enjoys playing basketball, video games, playing cards, and listening to music.

Michael is eagerly anticipating learning the ins and outs of practicing actuaries in the near future.

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