In today’s world, where money loses value by the minute due to inflation and dozens of new financial instruments are released daily, younger generations favor passive income more than ever.

Mainstream media regularly report that millennials and Gen Z are no longer interested in predictable retirement and prefer passive income-generating opportunities instead. Although young people have access to more financial instruments and financial education than previous generations, they are faced with many difficulties. Flooded with information on social media and the news, these demographics are challenged with finding the right solution that ensures predictable financial rewards.

Ali Sina Mohaghegh Alpha Analyze

Ali Sina Mohaghegh of Alpha Analyze. Courtesy of Ali Sina Mohaghegh.

If you are serious about gaining financial independence and accumulating wealth, you need to develop a strong portfolio of passive growth. This is known as a “sit back and let it grow” strategy. Every young person dreams of living on passively acquired returns like this without spending much time and energy on growing those assets. Very few instruments live up to these expectations of large financial rewards without significant upfront cash requirements and decades of waiting for results to materialize.

Alpha Analyze offers its clients access to profitable solutions through its mastery of portfolio management, enabling people to break out of the “9-to-5” grind. For young people seeking financial independence, Alpha Analyze creates a smooth transition from the active income rat race into the passive wealth quadrant. Ali Sina Mohaghegh, co-founder of Alpha Analyze warns youngsters of the most common beginners’ mistakes: 

Beginner’s Mistake 1: Not Having a Plan

With all these financial gurus promising riches on a $100 signal trading program, you shouldn’t always take their advice at face value. Instead of following the hype, set measurable goals and work with a finance professional to create a roadmap and streamlined strategy. This will narrow down your search for suitable instruments and methods to use.

Alpha Analyze is a portfolio management services provider that democratizes access to assets producing a volume of passive growth superior to other opportunities available today. The experienced team of Alpha Analyze ensures the safety of your funds while providing an easy way to monitor passive growth in real-time (headache-free) throughout this process.

Beginner’s Mistake 2: Not Learning From Mistakes Others Have Made

“Avoid making your own expensive mistakes, learn from mistakes that others made. Instead of learning to trade stocks or crypto (and inevitably losing money as you do), work with those who have hands-on experience and guarantee predictable passive growth,” – recommends Ali Sina.

This suggestion may sound counter-intuitive, but Ali Sina is convinced that communication with experts and experienced professionals will save you lots of time and money. Having a community is especially valuable for Gen Z, who spend a lot of time on social media and often feel isolated. The company’s team is spread across the globe and hosts regular events where people can connect and benefit from the accountability that pertains to the international community.

Alpha Analyze is the go-to partner for anyone looking to create or increase their wealth. The company’s team has a proprietary process that identifies opportunities and optimizes returns while maintaining your nest egg’s safety in an ever-changing market.

Beginner’s Mistake 3: Not Skipping Unnecessary Steps

The Alpha Analyze method uses cash flow analysis to categorize your sources and types of growth in various quadrants. The “active” area includes funds from employment or self-employment, while “passive” consists mainly of earnings obtained passively without much effort. The service helps you maximize your resources in this quadrant.

“If you are familiar with Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant, what we do is help people shift from the left quadrant of employees to the right quadrant of investors,” – shares Ali Sina. “We help skip the steps that require you to put tens of thousands of dollars down for real estate. You get more passive growth in half the time without the headaches of owning real estate. Instead, we use the liquidity of cash, which allows us to accumulate wealth for our clients rapidly.”

Ali Sina, co-founder of Alpha Analyze, and his team understand that to make sound financial decisions, you need access to accurate and up-to-date information. Working with Alpha Analyze has many benefits that can help you reach your financial goals. Aside from being fully recession-proof, the service is also fast, free, and 100% transparent. Additionally, their team of experts provides the daily output and done-for-you management to help accelerate your passive growth exponentially.

Alpha Analyze provides cutting-edge portfolio management, data, and analytics. With a proven track record of increasing compounding growth in a matter of months, Alpha Analyze offers a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry. And because they are dedicated to providing the best possible service to their clients, you can rest assured your assets are growing non-stop without you having to actively participate in the process. You literally increase your wealth while you sleep.

The clients of Alpha Analyze are seeing such lucrative and unprecedented growth by tapping into forex and crypto markets. Often referred to as “the wealth plug” and “the alpha of passive income”, the service provides instant access to the worldwide network of experts and licensed professionals.

Forex and crypto are quickly becoming mainstream instruments due to their continued positive financial performance. Despite the economic fall-out and record inflation caused by the worldwide pandemic, they tend to rise in times when traditional markets are in free fall, making them great hedges against economic recessions.

About Ali Sina Mohaghegh

Ali Sina Mohaghegh fled Afghanistan for the Netherlands at a time when his country was at war. He spent a part of his childhood living as a refugee before finally settling down and becoming an entrepreneur right out of school. His archetypal rags-to-riches origin story is a huge inspiration to others who seek opportunities as he did.

Early on, Ali Sina noticed that university degrees and 9-to-5 careers didn’t make financial freedom attainable, as they were portrayed in traditional wisdom. Looking up to his distinguished father (who shared the stage with world-renowned talents, including Jordan Belfort) and older brother – both successful entrepreneurs – he decided to learn everything there is about money and investing. After a decade of doing this, experiencing ups and downs, successes and losses, he finally mastered the art of crypto trading. In the last year alone, Alpha Analyze became a magnet for experienced finance professionals with a track record on Wall Street and doubled is team to 20,000 people thanks to Ali Sina’s exceptional leadership.

On a mission to eliminate poverty through his fund and non-profit initiatives, such as providing for children in Afghanistan, Ali Sina and his team have helped countless families worldwide turn their lives around. Currently, Alpha Analyze helps clients become financially free by introducing them to passive growth opportunities from its headquarters in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, as well as internationally.

Final Thoughts

The geopolitical factors of recent years have created economic conditions never before seen in the modern age, with record-high inflation and worldwide financial insecurity. These are market conditions that are terrifying for traditional investors to witness, but such conditions represent an unlimited, recession-proof opportunity for forex and crypto markets.

If you take your financial future and wealth creation seriously, contact Alpha Analyze for a consultation and learn how to generate passive growth today.

Disclaimer: opinions expressed in this article are not investment advice.

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