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Technology Company Provides Executive-Level Benefits to Their Team

[West Palm Beach, FL. June 20, 2022] The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, as well as what employees seek in an employer. The ability to work from home and be closer to family, in addition to receiving benefits that add to quality of life are a top priority. A local Florida company, Entricio, is setting an example for this change and putting their employees first by offering employees benefits that companies who have been around for decades skimp out on.

Entricio’s benefits package includes multiple incentives that are rare to find in today’s workplace. The company’s CEO and Owners, George Slaterpryce, David Rico and Christopher Srch, value a culture that promotes family first and a stellar work-life balance. The owners believe all employees should have benefits that enable this, even if it is not the industry standard. Entricio offers paid maternity and paternity leave, providing employees time to bond with their growing families and recover both physically and mentally. Additionally, employees receive quarterly mandatory time off, regular paid leave, a day off for their birthday, and ten holidays. This adds up to 30 days paid leave each year, a number that is over three times the average for private industry employees (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021). Entricio hasn’t stopped there. Perhaps the biggest gem in their benefits bundle is the medical coverage. Not only do they offer Platinum level coverage, but Entricio covers the cost at 100% for employees and 50% for their families.

Why would a company like Entricio take on these costs? David Rico explains all the owners believe that by “prioritizing employee’s needs, we can develop a workforce that prioritizes our clients and exceed their expectations”. Entricio knows that if more companies adopt a culture of treating employees well, they will find that their team returns the favor in the quality of their work. Entricio’s owners hope that other companies see Entricio’s success and follow their lead.

Entricio is an IT service company with decades of experience in regulated and non-regulated businesses. They’re a one stop shop for all your IT needs – from software development to day-to-day general IT support and everything in between. Entricio has a wide range of service plans which means they have something for every budget, from a one-man shop to large corporations. Entricio is currently looking to expand their team. Resumes can be sent to the contact email provided.

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