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The report provides a comprehensive outlook over the Global Wearable Medical Devices Market. The report is made through a combination of both quantitative and qualitative analysis. This can be branched down into a 60% and 40% segmentation, respectively. The report provides precise market estimations as well as offers a forecast of the market over the period between 2020 and 2027, wherein 2020 is considered as the base year. The market estimation is narrowed down in terms of segments and different regions.

The qualitative contents in the geographical segmentation of the Global Wearable Medical Devices Market is slated to cover the key trends ongoing in every region and country. The regional segmentation includes PEST analysis of every single region, comprising economic, political, technological, and social factors that might influence the growth of the market. The report also includes some of the leading players of the market as per different regions.

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Rise in chronic disease patients is expected to drive the global wearable medical device market growth, in this forecast period. Furthermore, continuous development in the healthcare sector is another driving factor which is expected to propel the growth of global wearable medical device market growth. In other hand, ease-of-use and interpretation of medical devices and rise in per capita income in developing countries are expected to fuel the growth of global wearable medical device market.

The healthcare sector is an aggregate of sectors within the economy that is concerned with providing rehabilitative and preventive healthcare services to patients. It comprises companies that manufacture medical equipment, drugs, medical insurance, provide medical services, and others. Allied health professionals or community health workers also are also members of the healthcare ecosystem. This complex sector is going through a phase of rapid transformation brought about by various disruptive forces, technology being the key enabler. The evolution of the healthcare sector brought about by new business models is likely to have a far-reaching impact on economies as well as on healthcare delivery. Non-traditional companies are also foraying into the healthcare value chain with solutions that are changing the norms. Additionally, disruptive trends in healthcare may radically alter everything from how care is delivered to the site of care. 

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However, high cost of wearable devices is the major restraining factor for market is expected to hamper the growth of global Wearable medical devices are the type of handheld monitoring tools which are used in monitoring and identification of diseases. The demand for wearable medical devices are continuously increasing in the market, where disposable income, innovations, and technological advancements are the major driving factors for global wearable medical device market which are expected to boost the global wearable medical device market growth, in this forecast period.

The healthcare sector is currently battling the challenges of escalating global healthcare expenditure, which need to be reduced, aging and growing population, the occurrence of chronic diseases, and regulatory hurdles. Poor service and lack of transparency around quality, safety, price further plague the system. Such healthcare issues have prompted significant investments from various countries in the healthcare sector. Most of the developed countries are focused on reducing mortality rates, providing advanced treatment options and skilled healthcare professionals, and integrate information technology within their healthcare sector.

The importance of regulatory framework cannot be undermined in the healthcare sector as they are the tools devised by governments to develop and enact regulations, rules, and laws. Regulations not only ensure the highest quality of care, but they also help to simply an array of confusing, complex processes.

Global Wearable Medical Device Market Key Players

Various key players are discussed in this report such as Fitbit, Phillips, Garmin, Lifewatch, Omron, Dragerwerk, Nokia Technologies, Jawbone, Polar Electro, and World Global Network.

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Global Wearable Medical Device Market Taxonomy

By Type

  • Activity Monitors
  • Smartwatches
  • Smart Clothing
  • Patches

By Distribution Channel

  • Pharmacies
  • Online Channels
  • Hypermarkets

By Application

  • Sports & Fitness
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Home Healthcare

By Region

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

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