Jon Parrish knows that many people choose coastal living to take advantage of stunning ocean vistas and the sense of peace gained by living near waterways. In addition to the abundance of natural resources, career opportunities, and cool, breezy climate, coastal living offers a sense of community that is not found in other neighborhoods.

But, coastal property maintenance is more specialized when compared to typical home maintenance, according to Jon Parrish. The salty, windy, and moist environment makes coastal property maintenance critical to preserving the home’s structure and resale value.

Importance of coastal property maintenance?

Seaside homes are exposed to unique weather conditions that require a customized plan of care. Jon Parrish has seen firsthand how coastal homes are damaged when only general or low maintenance techniques are used.

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To reduce the property owner’s risk, a coastal property maintenance plan must be able to respond to major activity and/or causes of property loss:

  • coastal construction or excavation
  • extreme climate events
  • watercraft storage and use…boats, ski jets
  • sediment reduction or seal-level rise

All these activities or events will take a toll on your seaside property, says Jon Parrish. Regularly scheduled coastal property maintenance can reduce the impact of all these elements and protect the value of your property.

Choosing a coastal maintenance service provider

Do they offer custom property maintenance?

Coastal property requires more than lawn mowing and landscape improvement. Depending on where you live and the current weather activity, your maintenance needs will vary.

Jon Parrish believes the homeowner should work with a service provider that can deliver a tailor-made plan of maintenance, with the flexibility to quickly upscale those services when conditions demand it.

Are they able to remove property debris?

You can’t maintain the beauty of a seaside home without having regular debris removal. This may be needed after a storm surge, the result of entertaining, post-construction, or after a high-wind event.

If your coastal property maintenance provider refuses to remove debris from your landscape, then it’s time to find a replacement team.

Do they prioritize customer satisfaction?

Finally, Jon Parrish believes this service is all about beautification of your home’s landscape. And this will depend on the client’s personality and needs. Jon Parrish addresses any issues brought by customers while performing coastal property maintenance.

He makes a point of fully resolving an issue or helping the homeowner find a professional service provider that can. Bringing reliable experience and knowledge to the benefit of the customer is what it takes to deliver consistent, professional results.

Jon Parrish takes customer satisfaction seriously. The result is a better customer experience and customer retention. If you own a seaside property, Jon Parrish suggests you only use service providers that are experienced in coastal property maintenance.