Glamour FX LTD is ready to help reinvent a new look for you!  Glamour FX LTD is offering more than just hair.  Body by Glamour FX LTD will help achieve skin toning, moisture, and weight loss goals with our Body Scrubs, Body wraps, and Detox Programs.  To top off the look, we help with wardrobe counseling and color analysis that will enhance your look.  Spray Tanning is also what Glamour FX LTD is about!  Everything in one place to sharpen your look head to toe.  The fun of our salon is the customization for every person. Glamour FX LTD aims to help women overcome appearance obstacles at every age so they can look and feel their best! We offer Free consultations to come see the salon and see what we have to offer.  

Understanding Hair Types

The owner and founder of Glamour FX LTD, Joan Culliney specializes in fine and thinning hair.  This can be a very big struggle and she has mastered the design of the problems with this kind of hair.  Natural curl is also a hair type where many find it hard for anyone to understand the hair.  Joanie Culliney has spent many years giving clients relief and trust with the specialized hair coloring and haircutting to enhance the beauty of the curl without over-cutting.

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The Right Color

Joan Culliney says that the right color is very important to help the skin to glow.  It also brings out the beauty in eye color.  It also helps slim down or contour your face shape in how the color is placed.

Joanie Culliney recommends beginning with your skin tone when selecting a color. A consultation in great depth helps her understand the limits of how comfortable someone is for change.

Professional color analysts like Joan Culliney go deeper into the color spectrum with a color analysis service. They use seasons to describe a total of 8 color families. Once you know your colors, you can use them to select the right clothing, hair color, and makeup. 

Hair Design VS Haircut

Do you dream of a shaggy bob or long layered locks? A new haircut is empowering and refreshing. The right cut will accentuate your best facial features, which can make you appear more attractive.

The key is choosing the right cut for your face shape and bone structure. Of course, your lifestyle and personal preferences play an important role as well. Do you desire a wash-and-go style? Do you enjoy caring for long hair? Do you find styling enjoyable, or do you want to simply be able to run your fingers through your hair and look great?  Hair Designing offers a specialized haircut for your hair type as well. Thick hair, Fine Hair, Curly Hair, Straight Hair, Thinning Hair, Lots of Cowlicks…Hair cannot be treated the same. A specialized haircut is the answer! 


Joan Culliney loves the full look!  Your body when treated with the same care as your facial routine creates a beautiful glow to the skin. Body wrapping and foot detoxing get rid of inches and bloat.  It can also be a great addition to any weight loss routine.  Helping to get rid of unwanted toxins.  A body wrap is also great to do before a special event or vacation to get you looking and feeling your best.  Spray tanning is like contouring and giving your skin a glow for all your clothes to brighten.  Body Scrubs remove dead skin cells and dry skin.  This is better than a massage in how your skin will tingle and you can relax.  A regular routine of body scrub and following up with a spray tan puts on the finishing touches! Spray tanning is like contouring and giving your skin glow for all your clothes to brighten and make you shine!  Your visit to Glamour FX LTD can be combined with the BODY BY GLAMOUR FX for a head-to-toe beauty experience.  Come in for a free consultation and let us consult with you to help you achieve your goals.  

Glamour FX LTD in Parker, Colorado

If you’re ready for a new you and want to change your image or simply update your look, visit or call us at 720-821-GLAM(4526)  to see what the salon is about.  Get excited to see what your beauty potential can be!