Not all renovations are created equal.

Many home improvement projects can make your space more comfortable and enjoyable. These additions had immense personal value. However, not all of them increase your property’s value too. After all, your home is an investment. Even if you aren’t planning on selling now, you’ll want to ensure your home retains (and builds) value.

And Jarrett June of Stony Point NY knows how to maximize your return. Using his experience in the construction industry, the contractor shares five renovations that will instantly increase the value of your home.

Increase light and space

No one wants to sit in a dark, claustrophobic room. As a general rule, homes that appear more spacious retain better value. This goal should drive most renovation decisions. Start by knocking down a few walls. Converting to an open floor plan will enhance natural light and make any room more inviting. Vaulted ceilings and feature walls also present the illusion of more space.

Renovate kitchen

Kitchens are the hub of the home. Since the majority of time is spent here, Jarrett June recommends devoting a significant portion of your remodeling budget here. Create a modern, functional kitchen. The benefits are much more than just financial. In addition to building equity in your home, these changes will make your kitchen use much more practical. New flooring, countertops, and hardware are all strong choices. Repainting walls is a great way to freshen up any space.


Update or add bathrooms

Like kitchens, bathrooms are important for prospective buyers. Outdated or insufficient bathrooms can be a deal-breaker. At a minimum, update bathroom fixtures and amenities. Use light-colored, neutral counters and cabinets since they have broader appeal. Double sinks are a huge advantage too. Adding an entirely new bathroom can bring your resale value to an entirely new price point. 

Finish basement

If there isn’t enough space on the main floors, consider finishing a basement. Whether transforming it into a media room, playroom or adding additional bedrooms, a finished basement will immediately increase a home’s total square footage. More space is always a premium. If you can, this may be an opportunity to put in another bathroom as well. Like with other areas of the home, Jarrett cautions against making these rooms too dark and cramped, which can be tricky in a basement.

Spruce up landscape

Adding curb appeal is “green” in more ways than one. Since the outside is always a property’s first impression, give your landscaping a little attention. When selling a home, prospective buyers are often willing to spend more on well-tended lawns. But you don’t have to break the bank. Jarrett June, a seasoned professional from Stony Point NY, encourages you to start small, replacing just a few items at a time. Over time, think about adding hardscape features, like fire pits, decks, or patios.