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Cooking is a creation in the kitchen, a combination of raw materials, and the use of utensils to create a dish. Culture is a mixture of beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time. With both of these together, one can obtain a deeper knowledge of the connection between food and people.

This generation’s people do not know the bare necessities of life, which is why a lot of people in the present day don’t know how to cook. The convenience of fast food has made it much easier to forget about cooking in general.

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People see cooking as a chore, but it could be made more enjoyable. In most cultures, food plays an important part in daily life; changing the way someone eats and live.

Of course, food is a human need and can be seen as a science, but we have transformed food and its preparation into something more than just a basic human need.

We have made eating an experience, and the preparation of food an art form.

The ability to improve upon an old recipe or create an exciting new recipe is a talent a very special few can accomplish with little or no training, but almost anybody with the proper training and a genuine interest in excellent food and its preparation can become an exceptional imaginative chef.



Stream “Kung Fu Kitchen” and enjoy nutrition-packed episodes! Discover and watch how novice chefs learn to prepare popular Asian dishes under pressure. Cooking itself requires skills because of its difficulty, how much more when putting style and personality unto it?


In the kitchens of the Far East, the best cooks are Kung Fu Masters.

Kung Fu Kitchen is an action-packed culinary adventure series delving into the highly disciplined cooking techniques of some of Asia’s best-known specialties. Discover how food is prepared all over the globe by watching professional cooks prepare mouthwatering masterpiece dishes


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Handmade Noodles

Roti Canai

peking duck



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