You would find tons of material on the internet talking about different vegetables, fruits, and other lifestyle habits that can bring health benefits to your life. However, there are a few incredible health benefits that are sure to surprise you.

So, let’s start:

You Can Be Alert By Chewing Gum

Yep! If you are just being slow or have trouble concentrating, try chewing some gum. It will make you feel awake. According to a study, chewing mint chewing gum refreshes you immediately. It can also help in relieving stress and anxiety levels.

Being Optimistic Leads to Longer Life

Heart patients with an optimistic outlook about their treatment live longer than those with a pessimist mindset, a study found by Psychics in Lux-review.  Moreover, optimistic people have fewer chances of suffering from heart disease.

Coffee Prevents Depression

Sure, there have been many negative impacts of caffeine. But it turns out that caffeine comes with some benefits as well. A study found that women who drank at least four cups of coffee lower their risk of depression by 20%. Females who drank two or more cups were less likely to suicide.

Marijuana Increases Creativity

Visiting weed dispensary Woodbridge and smoking it makes people more creative. Marijuana makes a person more focused and helps them concentrate. Moreover, it is a 114 times safer alternative to alcohol.

You Cannot Get Flat Stomach by Mere Crunches

You cannot get a flat stomach by only doing crunches. The thing is that crunches don’t work for a flat stomach because the exercise does not engage your core muscles and works on your abs only. According to a study, six weeks of abdominal exercises alone were not sufficient to reduce abdominal fat.

Drink Something Hot Helps You Cool Down

Sounds weird, right? But it is true. When you want to cool down, drink something hot. A study found that since the drink tends to be hotter than your body temperature, it leads to a sweat response in the body. As a result, it does a lot more than compensate for the increase. So, although you might feel that initially, it is going to make you hotter, when you drink something hot, it makes you sweat more. As a result, its body cools itself a lot faster than usual.

Preventing Claustrophobia by Smelling an Apple

New evidence has found that an apple a day can do a lot more than keeping the doctor away. Also, it can help prevent claustrophobia. What happens is that when you smell a green apple, it relieves the stress linked with small and confined spaces. Smelling a green apple can also prevent headaches and migraines. Also, some homeowners even use this scent to make their property seem nice, smell good, and even appear bigger to potential buyers.

Exercise Helps with Tiredness

After spending a long hard day at work, many don’t have the energy to go to a gym. But research has found out that exercising freshens you up and gives you more energy. Merely doing a half-hour session of moderately intense exercise could improve levels of fatigue and depression. The reason behind this is that exercise improves cardiovascular health. This means that more oxygen and blood flow around the body. This gives you more energy.

Handwriting Helps Memory

Research has found that if you want to remember something, it is better to handwrite them rather than typing them on your phone or computer. Writing helps in boosting memory. This is as there are different cognitive processes involved when you write something compared to typing. For example, take the example of when you are taking a lecture. When during a lecture you are writing notes, you have to listen carefully to what the speaker has said because you cannot write down every single word.

So, when you are listening to a lecture, you are doing multiple things at a time that includes listening, digesting, and summarizing the information a lot more effectively compared to someone who is typing the words into a laptop.

We bet you didn’t know these facts before!