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A road trip is more than just an exciting adventure. It also takes you outside your sphere and gives you a taste of what the rest of the world has to offer.

In addition, it’s also an alternative for those who happen to have a fear of flying. What makes road trips work is some creativity and a spirit of adventure.


Aside from this, one way in which some people decide to release stress is by going on a road trip. It may not sound like the most daring thing you could possibly do, but road trips provide a soothing experience that heals.


111111111111Those who fly to their destinations may get a chance to “see” the flyover parts of the world from afar but don’t get a chance to really get intimate with a new environment. With a road trip, you are really in it and get a chance to see these different places up close.

333333333As you journey on and rack up the miles, the world slowly changes around you. The landscape transforms. Homes, stores, and people look different. When you get a chance to park and interact, you get a sense that even the local culture differs. Seeing these changes can give you a powerful sense of contrast that allows you to evaluate your own locale from a different perspective; you get an opportunity to see that there is much more to life outside your inner bubble.

22222222222222222222Whether it be a deadline that has just been and gone or a potential promotion that is dangling overhead like a carrot, none of that matters on a road trip. The focus and the mentality shift completely because you get to put all of that chaos and noise to one side in the name of doing things your way for once.

44444444444444444The temptation will be there to check the occasional email or two, but pushing that voice out is the most important way of moving forward with a successful and carefree road trip.

3333333333333333333 1It doesn’t really matter whether it’s rock & roll, pop, grime, or anything in between, because the great thing about a road trip is that there are no restrictions.

1111111111111missing imageListening to music in a car is a completely different experience regardless of what your taste is because that song then becomes synonymous with whatever you’re doing at that moment in time.

4444444444444444444 1A road trip is a guaranteed stress-reliever; it unwinds and broadens the mind and the soul and gives it the courage to face anything in life. A road trip brings in unexpected challenges, which is a part of the charm.

666666666666666666Situations like traffic jams, closed roads, a car break down, or flat tires are all a part of the unexpected challenge package that a road trip offers. Once a person deals with such situations, they become calmer and earn the capability to solve problems efficiently in life. The person’s ability to handle stress will improve automatically, which is a great lesson for life.


It is true that road trips aren’t made the same way twice.

Every trip is different from others.

This is why it is important to choose the kind of vehicle to use. Whether you take your own car or motorcycle on long family journeys or weekend getaways for two, or just rent a vehicle for your trip, your vehicle should help you relax and unwind.

Nothing can turn a trip into a drag more quickly than being stuck with the wrong wheels.

Need some ideas to pitch on what vehicle you should use? Help is on the way!


Vuuzle.TV offers a number of episodes that will guide you through choosing the right vehicle.

Stream “Motor Stories Episode” & “Shifting Gears” and enjoy exploring beyond the basics of automotive!

66666666666666666666666From the racetrack to the suburban street, SHIFTING GEARS delivers the most up-to-date news on cutting-edge research, development, and design. Every episode redefines custom car building that pushes design abilities to the limits and focusing on vehicle builds driven by passion.

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Motor Stories is all about speed, power, and automotive beauty.

Each episode gets you up close and personal with dragsters, muscle cars, hot rods and custom builds. You also have the chance to meet the people and hear their own stories. Legendary motor personalities, museum curators, and young up-and-coming enthusiasts. If you love the motor culture, these episodes are perfect for you.

999999999999999999999999999You can have free access to these food-packed episodes HERE or you can click each photo below to choose for your episode anytime, anywhere.

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Written by Francesca Jade Hernandez | Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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