What is Huusk?

Every person knows an ordinary kitchen knife. It is usually a bit blunt and therefore does not cut so well. Even sharper kitchen knives and even bread knives are not always good for everything. They are also not particularly good in the hand, are not ergonomic and it can also happen that you cut yourself with it, that the knife slips off. An ordinary kitchen knife poses more dangers than you think, as the simple handle alone is not suitable for gripping and using it well. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)

Especially if you want to cut softer or very hard, rustic foods (bread, meat, fish, cheese, etc), then sometimes you need a more specialized knife that won’t let too soft breads or cheeses crumble and will do just as well on hard, rustic breads or meats without having to strain too much while cutting or even slipping with the knife and possibly injuring yourself dangerously. You see, a kitchen knife is usually not just a kitchen knife and depending on what you want to cut with a knife, it takes more than just an ordinary kitchen knife.

For a better grip on the knife as well as a sharper blade now provides the Japanese kitchen knife Huusk. It fixes all the mentioned problems of slipping with the knife and better cutting through due to a sharper blade. The whole design of this knife is unique and is completely different from our European knives look. It is reminiscent of a small samurai sword and is meticulously handcrafted in Japan. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!



Huusk Seal of Approval and Quality

The Huusk Japanese kitchen knife is handcrafted in Japan by cutlers who usually take two months to make a single knife, and here are 138 steps required until the Huusk Japanese kitchen knife is ready for your home. The blade is made of Japanese steel and premium oak wood for the handle.

Known FAQ about this product

Q: What is so special about Huusk Japanese kitchen knives?

A: Huusk Japanese kitchen knife is special and unique because it is different from ordinary kitchen knives in the home. It cuts many times sharper and fits better in your hand with its ergonomic handle, so you won’t slip with it. It cuts everything, soft foods as well as hard and rustic foods. Especially if you cook frequently and more professionally, an appropriate kitchen knife should be in your household.

Q: Why a knife from Japan?

A: It is well known that many innovations come from Japan. Japan is known not only for its excellent electronics, but also for its tradition and craftsmanship and martial arts that go back for centuries. From this ancient knowledge of samurai warriors came the Huusk Japanese kitchen knife, which is very sharp and resembles a small samurai sword. It really cuts everything and is always unique due to its months-long production by hand.

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Huusk customer reviews

Not only professional chefs need professional equipment to prepare perfect dishes. Even at home, you can use a professional kitchen knife to make your dishes like a pro. For most people a simple knife from the department store is enough. There are several types of knives, some are blunt, others a little sharper. But they all have one thing in common: they are bad to hold. An ordinary long unbent handle that can quickly slip out of your hand while cutting, and that can seriously injure you. With blunt knives rather less possible, but still this kind of cutting becomes tedious and annoying in the long run. However, if you have a lot of cooking to do in your household and often have guests over, a more professional kitchen knife seems ideal; not only for better cooking, but also for impressing your guests. The Huusk Japanese kitchen knife is designed to impress, but first and foremost its ergonomic shape fits better in the hand and its extremely sharp blade can cut just about anything. If you are looking for an extra sharp and ergonomic kitchen knife with newfangled rustic design for at home in your kitchen, Huusk Japanese kitchen knives might be something for you. It also appears to be very sturdy, as it was not mass-produced in a factory, but rather handcrafted individually over months of meticulous work.

One user of the Huusk Japanese kitchen knives talks about how he is a passionate amateur chef and always likes to cook something for his friends and family. For this purpose, he has bought new kitchen knives, but all of them are not so true. Most of the time, his friends watch him cook; they find it very exciting and interesting. Of course, he wanted to score points with good-looking kitchen utensils. With his new kitchen knives, his cooking was already going well, but not quite as he had imagined. So he researched for even better kitchen knives and found out that there were quite a few Japanese kitchen knives, but many of them had handles like the usual ones you could buy in department stores. But soon he came across Huusk Japanese kitchen knives and immediately found the ergonomic design very interesting and thought that this design could help him to perfect his cooking even more and to make even better slices and thus his own creations. He immediately ordered these kitchen knives from Huusk, several at a time, and as soon as they arrived, he cooked with them and was thrilled. He felt that cutting bread or cheese or meat with this kitchen knife was so new and different that from now on he would not use any other kitchen knife than Huusk.

One user of this knife describes that although she is reluctant to cook for her family and usually only prepares simple dishes, she also realizes that it is partly due to the kitchen knives she has in the household. They don’t cut properly, they keep slipping when she wants to cut bread or meat and it annoys her immensely. Even though she hates cooking, she wanted to try different kitchen knives and hope that cooking would then be half as stressful as usual. She happened to come across Huusk Japanese kitchen knives at some point and ordered one right away. It looked interesting to her and she also found the hole in the blade very useful and helpful. When the Japanese kitchen knife arrived, she immediately used it to slice her bread and was surprised at how easy and smooth and even the slices became. She found that she now had the kitchen knife “under control” because with the other knives she had always thought that the kitchen knives controlled her, they seemed so stubborn. But now, she said, her hope had become that cooking would now be less stressful, and she even enjoyed cutting and slicing with Huusk now and then, as she would like to do, and not just as much as the kitchen knife would like to do. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

What problems can I tackle with this Japanese kitchen knife?

If you are satisfied with your existing kitchen knives and get along well with them, you probably don’t need any other tool in the kitchen. However, for those who are rather poor or even unable to cope with ordinary kitchen knives in their household because they cook a lot and love to cook, they most likely need a more professional tool to prepare their dishes.

Most believe that such professional kitchen knives would be more for real professionals, for star chefs and chefs in restaurants. But also privately in your own home you can build your own professional cooking studio with the Huusk Japanese kitchen knife and get along better when preparing your dishes. Because Huusk cuts much faster and sharper than any other ordinary kitchen knife in your household. Through the hole in the blade, you put more pressure on the area to be cut with your finger in it. Thus, Huusk gives you more professional and beautifully cut slices out without you slipping with the blade and hurting yourself.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Japanese kitchen knife?

The advantages of this Japanese kitchen knife are:

  • Ergonomic design: this particular kitchen knife is designed for a better grip while cutting. The hole in the blade is to give you extra help for your finger. This way, cutting happens almost by itself.
  • Extra sharpness and designed like a samurai sword: The Huusk Japanese kitchen knives are made in Japan with the same technique that the ancient Japanese cutlers used to make the samurai swords for the warriors. They hardly blunt and if they do, then only very slowly and imperceptibly. So it is possible for you to cut the thinnest slices with the Huusk kitchen knife.
  • Safer: Due to its sharpness, the kitchen knife cuts better and does not require more effort like a dull kitchen knife, so that it eventually slips off. Huusk, on the other hand, is sharp and accurate and ergonomic and so it does not slip off.
  • Master of his craft: ordinary kitchen knives are very ordinary and these can be used by anyone. Huusk, however, looks like it is a special tool for someone who is a master of his craft; a chef.
  • Rustic, sturdy and confident: anyone who looks into your kitchen will immediately see that you like to cook often and not just warm up some noodles every now and then. The Huusk Japanese kitchen knife immediately shows that you like to prepare different and even difficult dishes and do not leave this to the chance of an ordinary blunt kitchen knife. It shows that you like to have it robust and rustic, but also safe when cooking. If you didn’t care about cooking, you wouldn’t buy such an elaborately crafted kitchen knife.

Possible disadvantages of this kitchen knife could be that

  • it is too sharp for you and you find it too dangerous to have something like this at home (either because you are very scatterbrained yourself or because you have animals or children),
  • it is a bit too expensive for you, depending on your budget.

Where can I buy Huusk online?

You can only order Huusk Japanese kitchen knives online through the official website of the supplier/manufacturer. Here, you will be offered a quantity discount as well as a general discount of 50 percent. There is also supposed to be a 30-day money back guarantee.  Payment can be made either by PayPal, by credit card or by Klarna. Your order and payment will be done through 256-bit SSL encryption. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Huusk technical details

The following features and functions include this particular kitchen knife from Japan:

  • The handle was made of high quality oak wood, which is a very hard and dark wood that provides a perfect grip when cutting.
  • The blade was made of high quality Japanese steel, which was already used in old traditional technique for samurai warriors and their swords and is enormously sharp.
  • Through the hole in the blade there is still room for a finger, so that the entire kitchen knife is now much better to hold and can cut much better and sharper, because so more pressure can be applied to the knife in certain places.

Huusk Final Verdict

If you are tired of having semi-blunt kitchen knives in your kitchen, you will want to look for much sharper and possibly ergonomic kitchen knives. There is a lot of choice on the market here, but many of the sharp kitchen knives are usually shaped like any other kitchen knife; straight and poor in the hand. Finding an ergonomic kitchen knife is difficult, many kitchen knives don’t offer this feature and you are still left with the problem that the kitchen knife fits poorly in your hand, you can’t work with it well and it keeps slipping and becoming dangerous. Even though it may have the function that it can cut hard and rustic foods, the danger of slipping still remains, which can happen especially when cutting hard foods.

The Huusk Japanese kitchen knife, on the other hand, is probably one of the few knives in the world that finally does something about this and you can handle it much better than the other kitchen knives before it because of its ergonomic handle. Even hard and rustic foods are now easier to cut and you no longer have to worry about slipping.

All in all, this Japanese innovation seems well suited for the kitchen at home as well as for more professional kitchens in restaurants.

Contact information about the manufacturer

The following few information on how you can contact the manufacturer can be found on their website:

UAB “Ekomlita”, Gedimino str. 45-7, Kaunas, Lituania.

Homepage: https://get-huusk.com

E-mail: support @ huusk . com

Tel: +1 (914) 559-9997



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